Timeshare TIGER Shows Its Stripes

March 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Seattle-based Holiday Group, a pioneer in the timeshare industry since 1992, is grabbing the timeshare market by the tail. Its new “TIGER Strategy” is a wholly integrated marketing program available on DVD that is reinvigorating resort marketing – and helping timeshare developers to adapt to today’s new marketing paradigm.

Like the insurance, auto and investment business, the timeshare industry is undergoing a profound and irrevocable change as a direct result of the Internet. And what worked in the past is now obsolete.

This came as no surprise to David Skinner, CEO of Holiday Group. In fact, in 2002, while speaking before the AMDETUR Mexico Timeshare Conference, Skinner predicted that “the Internet will create problems” because certain things are destined to occur: runaway tour costs, rising rescission rates, and a glut of timeshare resales.

”The Internet is an avalanche of information, where consumers have unfettered access to timeshare and resort information. Developers must adapt their marketing to this changing marketplace.”

Working with resort partners and associates, Skinner developed an aggressive, marketing strategy that is fully explained on a 25 minute DVD called “TIGER Strategy: Selling in the Era of Transparency”— http://www.holidayequity.com/tiger

Until recently, the information advantage was almost always on the side of the timeshare developers, who typically knew more about their products than the consumer. But that was then …

Today, the Internet has leveled the playing field. By doing their Internet homework, consumers can take a virtual tour of a resort, compare prices and amenities, get feedback from user groups and gain the advantage in the purchase negotiations. As a result, developers must be more aware and better prepared to meet these consumers on their terms.

With their Tiger Strategy, Skinner and the Holiday team are on the fast track to helping timeshare developers reduce sales costs, regain control over the market and adapt to the future. The era of transparency is a whole new jungle – and the Tiger has awoken!