March 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Not feeling external pressure and out to do his best, U.S. Men’s Ski Team member and 2006 Olympic gold medalist for the alpine combine, Ted Ligety, has decided early in his career that his talent will take precedence over his mouth. He did make one exception: Hot Psychology Magazine is pleased to present a full-interview with Ligety in its March issue.

Ligety, 21 and a certified rising star, took the World Cup to the next level in 2005. His Torino Olympic performance, though disqualified in the slalom, is overshadowed by the gritty showing and gold medal on the combined. True determination and family support have allowed for this Salt Lake City, Utah native to become the athlete he is today and the champion he believes to be in the coming years.

“I definitely wasn't the best for my age growing up, which I think has really given me the drive I have today,” Ligety said. “When you've always been the best its hard to really be driven to get better.”
But, it’s the other “stuff” that he’s not out to be the best at—talking that is. With so much media attention drawn to Ligety’s US ski teammate, the brash Bode Miller, he’s learned to focus his energy on skiing.

“Even if I want to make those comments, I don't have the same platform that Bode does to be heard. I think if you have something to say, you should say it, but if you're a skier, you should ski and not make outrageous comments on a daily basis,” Ligety said. “I want to be known for my skiing, not my mouth.”

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