Conflict of Interest for Some Home Inspectors

March 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
West Paterson, N.J. — Members of the public should be aware of a possible conflict of interest when using a home inspector recommended by the real estate agent selling the home.

"When a home buyer uses a home inspector recommended by the Realtor selling a home to them there may be a conflict of interest. Home inspectors who want future referrals from that Realtor may be hesitant to tell it like it is. If the results of a home inspection cause the buyer to back out of the sale, then the Realtor may blame the home inspector and stop recommending that company in the future," explained Michael J. Del Greco, President of Accurate Inspections.

The purpose of getting a home inspection is to help the buyer find out all the problems that exist before the closing, when the sale is completed. Buying a new home in New Jersey is a major investment, so an accurate inspection that "tells it like it is" should be the goal of any home buyer, according to Del Greco.

Del Greco has been in the home inspection business since 1993, and is president of Accurate Inspections, Inc. He said that his company does not solicit recommendations from real estate agents because he does not want to have an appearance of a conflict of interest.

"Most of our clients choose us based upon the recommendation of an attorney, friend or relative. When we perform a home inspection, we feel free to tell the buyer exactly what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what to do about it. The only person we are concerned with pleasing is our client, the home buyer," said Del Greco.

Home buyers need dependable information so they can make an educated choice regarding the quality and condition of their potential new home. The level of experience and no conflict of interest are vital qualities to look for in a inspector.

"You can become a New Jersey licensed home inspector in less than a month. That's not much experience. Ask for a resume. By hiring an experienced New Jersey home inspector, who has the buyer's best interests in mind, the client is better able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the home and avoid expensive problems down the road," said Del Greco.

Accurate Inspections, Inc. has a staff of five including two experienced and licensed inspectors. Each of them invites the home buyer to attend the inspection so they can get a complete description of problems as they are found.

"We always provide our clients and their attorney a complete written report, but we like to have clients attend the inspection in person. That way they can ask questions and see the problems for themselves to become better informed," said Del Greco.

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