The Bellini Sofa, The Ducaroy Sofa, And The Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa Are Some Of The Star Products Of Manhattan Home Design

August 11, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The renowned online store is experiencing a moment of great popularity and high sales thanks to several of its most attractive designs: the Ducaroy Sofa, the Bellini Sofa, the Le Corbusier Sofa, and many other products of equal importance have been among the favorites lists of the general public for years and are also part of its extensive and interesting catalog. The store, which thanks to the excellent management quality of its online services has become a notorious reference in the world of digital business, wants to expand its clientele to make grow its brand, which distributes pieces of furniture to practically any part of the country.

The best-seller list of this store has diversified like never before; currently, some very relevant pieces, such as the Flag Halyard Chair, or even the Protractor Desk are also part of its sales list. For many connoisseurs of furniture design and interior design and decor, this is phenomenal, since these are pieces that, in some cases, have been launched on the market for several decades and are still triumphing as if it were the first day.

Designs That Mean a Lot

The meaning of these pieces goes beyond their aesthetic and functional value in an objective sense since, in addition, they have an undeniable symbolic value for everything they represent in the history of modern design. "We have been able to identify a market niche that was eager to discover offers like ours: iconic pieces of furniture at incredible prices," said the company's CEO. "For many clients, it's highly satisfying to have a Bellini sofa, a Ducaroy sofa, or a Le Corbusier sofa in their living room or office without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money. We feel amazed to bring this opportunity to so many people, and we hope that many more can get to know us."

Online sales have become, in recent years, something much more common than in other decades thanks to the fact that most users have learned to become more and more familiar with this type of system. Companies like this one knew how to take advantage of that opportunity to grow their brand. One of the most significant advantages is that potential customers can review the specifications of each piece in detail before ordering them, thanks to the product descriptions published on the website and the high-quality photos available.

A Piece For Each Area and Environment

One of the most amazing aspects of the store's catalog is that visitors are able to find a product for virtually any area of their home or office that they wish to furnish. For example, some designs like the Mid Century Classic Lounge Chair can give a transformative touch to your study or home office, and increase the ergonomics and elegance of any space where you decide to use it.

A Le Corbusier LC2 Chair with black leather upholstery or Le Corbusier LC3 Chair with tan leather upholstery can also be great accent chairs for a layout in which the person wants to bring out the modern flair. In fact, many of these pieces are so iconic that they represent an undeniable statement of taste for the Mid-Century Modern style, such as the Shell chair, the Egg chair, the Barcelona chair, or the Womb chair. The company reports that there have been many satisfied users of these products, some of which have been sold for both indoor and outdoor use.

The purchase process that potential buyers must go through is really simple, since all the details of each product are published on the website, with high-quality images and reviews left by other people who have previously chosen the same. Payment is made online and shipping is almost always done in one day. This makes it a very comfortable process for many: they just pick their product and wait for the new Curved Boucle sofa fabric, Florence armchair or Barcelona loveseat to be delivered to their doorstep.

Making The Most of Every Space

Many products that the store offers can also be used for a bedroom renovation. Some critically acclaimed designs like the Grove Bed Wood Frame can be a dramatic change in a bedroom style to a more modern concept. There are even those who choose an accent chair like the Gabriola lounge chair or a Le Corbusier LC4 Lounge Chaise to make the room a more ergonomic and complete area. An element intended for rest such as the Barcelona bench also usually works very well in this type of compartment. Everything will depend on the floor plan that the person has conceived.

This furniture store represents a step into the future since never before has it been so easy to get a Platner table, a Halifax chair, or a Ducaroy chair and have it at home with just a few clicks. It's a very efficient and convenient way to buy furniture, which is attracting more and more people's attention, who realize that online shopping is currently one of the most reliable and easy ways to invest their money in what they want and need.

People interested in learning more about this store can go directly to its website and take a look at each of its sections and products.


For more information, visit the store's showroom, located at 325 W 38th St Suite 1501 New York, NY, 10018. You can also call 646-578-8606 or send an email

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