New Connection App Soone Forges Real-Life Meetings

August 12, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Anyone using social connection apps knows just how often the real-life meeting part never happens and instead it becomes an exercise in endless text communications before someone ultimately ghosts. Seeking to eliminate that problem is the new social app called Soone which was created specifically to fast-track real-life meetings - romantic, platonic, or professional. Soone is available for both iOS and Android.

Soone is streamlined for both speed and safety. To verify identity and avoid catfishing, new users are required to verify their first profile photo. Soone uses face verification technology during the sign-up process and requires the user to either take a live photo or upload a photo from their camera roll that meets the face verification requirement. Also, exact locations are never shown, the app instead uses a general heatmap to display 'hot spots.' These 'hot spots' are public places that have more than five active Soone users within one mile. Soone even offers certified meet-up spots that have been pre-screened for public visibility and security. User information is never sold or shared. Users are free to edit their profile anytime to fit their changing needs. Tonight, it might be looking for a date. Tomorrow, a new friend, or business connection. Soone facilitates the right connections at the right time.

Soone was created by two college-aged friends, Austin Dill & Braeden McCarthy, who recognized the shortcomings and unrealized promise of most other connection apps. "Soone is designed help our generation get out from behind our phones and start interacting in real life," said Soone co-creator Braeden McCarthy.

Austin Dill, co-creator of Soone explained: "It's all about the restrictive timeframes. A connection request must be accepted within 30 minutes. Once it is, a chat box pops up along with a list of certified meet-up spots within a one-mile radius. But the chat box is only live for 2 hours before the connection is closed."

Tired of endless swiping or liking that rarely leads to an in-person interaction? Worn out from chatting with someone on and off without it ever going anywhere? Download Soone today and meet someone Soone!

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