Meet New Friends And Plan Fun Times with Social Hangout Platform Happin

August 18, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The mission of the new app Happin is to provide like-minded people a place to build deeper connections in real-life. Guided by the philosophy that deep human connections are forged via shared experiences, Happin encourages users to create a lot of hangout ideas based on their interests such as hiking, coffee dates, music festivals, playing games, etc., and with the Happin app, users can easily and organically generate buzz and learn about cool new events from their friends and community.

Users can stay updated on what their friends are doing and planning to do - or they can discover what the popular people nearby are up to. With the built-in messenger, people can easily develop and manage their plans together, whether it's a spontaneous group event or one-on-one. The app is a private virtual clubhouse for socializing and planning future fun.

Safety is a vital component of Happin, so the app uses both technical means - such as ID and photo verification - as well as social proof to ensure users are really who they claim to be. Users are free to meet and create groups with their personal friends, but for strangers to join a group, three of the current member's friends must approve them. Users can add filters to limit who they see and who can see them, using variables such as age or gender. They can also add a "purpose tag" to communicate in advance what they are looking for in the new relationship such as "Friends Only".

"Happin reverses the social media paradigm," explained Happin CEO Alex Li. "Happin is a platform that is more of a 'to do' app rather than a 'status' app. The difference is that on something like Instagram, you would take a picture of the coffee that you're drinking to show off where you are. With Happin, the post is more like 'I'm heading to coffee, who wants to join?' GEN-Z have social media burnout, but Happin can provide them the tools to know what their friends are up to instead of what happened without them, to solve the fear of missing out and loneliness."

Find what's happening and who you can make it happen with on Happin! Available at the App Store, Google Play, or visit

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