Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Flywheel

December 18, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
1. Saves Time & Money - No more waiting around getting your old flywheel resurfaced.

2. No Core Charge - This eliminates surprise after-the-job costs. Many flywheel cores, especially deeply grooved or cracked ones, do not receive 100% core credit. Some may not receive any core credit at all! Are you prepared to throw away money on your next flywheel purchase? This is an after-the-sale burden that can be very costly.

3. Developed, Manufactured & Tested to Meet or Exceed OEM Standards, Period. - Flywheels are sent to outside independent laboratories for SAEJ1240 flywheel spin burst testing. They are also sent out for metallurgical testing and microstructure analysis to insure that they match OEM samples, (i.e. Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, and Steel Billet)

4. New Flywheel = New Starter Ring Gear - This gives the starter drive/bendix a brand new mating surface to mesh with when cranking the vehicle.

5. OEM Flywheel Thickness - This puts the physical location of clutch, in relation to release bearing, back to factory specifications. Resurfaced flywheels move the clutch farther away from the release system and can cause a no-release or poor release condition. Using a new flywheel usually cures release problems associated with hydraulic release systems where the flywheel thickness has been reduced too much due to resurfacing. Also, excessive flywheel resurfacing can weaken the flywheel.

6. OEM Flywheel Step - (where applicable) Eliminates errors that sometimes occur during the re-surfacing process. Even though, for example, a +.090" step sounds unimportant it can cause slipping or no-release conditions depending on the direction of error in the step. At the very least, the wrong flywheel step can shorten the life of your clutch.

7. New Dowel / Alignment Pins - New dowel pins come with all flywheels where pins are used.

8. Neutral / Internal Balanced (excludes Detroit / External balanced flywheels) Resurfacing a flywheel, can cause more material (weight) to be taken off of one side of the flywheel than the other. This type of run-out is caused by heat warpage and can upset the balance of a flywheel after resurfacing. If left uncorrected, damage can occur to the engine and/or entire driveline.

9. Proper Run-Out - Improper run-out can be caused by misaligned resurfacing methods. If the crankshaft flange is not referenced properly during resurfacing, the friction surface will not be perpendicular to the crankshaft flange. This causes a two-fold problem. It can cause chatter (from misalignment) and a possible unbalance vibration.

10. Warranty New Flywheels by Perfection Clutch carry a 90 day warranty which protects against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

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