The versatility of European olives allows for tasty dishes with food surpluses

September 15, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Washington, DC - Food waste is one of the risks of our society that seriously harms the planet and jeopardizes our economy. A U.S. consumer wastes 164.25 kg of food per year, which means that the entire country loses 55 million tons per year, 30% of the food produced, according to the study 'A National Strategy to Reduce Food Waste at the Consumer Level (2020)', conducted by several U.S. Science, Engineering and Health entities. In economic value, this represents a loss of 162 billion dollars.

To break this malpractice, we should join the zero-waste cooking movement and prepare delicious dishes with all kinds of ingredients and food that we have left over in the fridge. For this, nothing better than to resort to European Olives. It is the ideal superfood to cook magnificent recipes with those products that we have in the pantry.

Olives are easy to combine with leftover ingredients due to their versatility and to integrate them into an infinite number of preparations, enhancing both sweet and savory snacks. The result of this mixture gives rise to exquisite and healthy dishes for all types of diners.

And this versatility, together with its particular sensory universe (it combines the four basic flavors: bitter, sweet, salty and sour), makes it a fundamental element in the zero-waste cooking or trash cooking diet, two names of Anglo-Saxon origin that refer to the same thing: taking advantage of food as our ancestors did to prevent it from going to the trash. And in this, olives are ideal because it invites us to use parts of the food and facilitates the preparation of new and creative dishes, transporting us to the essence of the Mediterranean Diet.

Olives work with all kinds of ingredients that give rise to countless dishes with an explosion of flavors. In addition, they can be found in different forms: whole, sliced, pitted, stuffed and with hundreds of dressings or condiments, which makes it possible to "brighten up" any recipe when we are looking to make a dish to make the most of, such as the typical salad or stew with vegetables or meat. It is vegan, natural, nutritious and combines perfectly with almost any preparation.

The Interprofessional Organization of Table Olives (Interaceituna), in collaboration with the European Union, is promoting the European Olive in the North American market through the campaign: "Put Europe at your table. Have an Olive Day with Olives from Spain".

Olives are within everyone's reach, can be found on any shelf in your local supermarket or grocery store, and can be purchased in large quantities, as they are very easy to store. In fact, they contribute to the prevention of food waste thanks to their long shelf life: about two years of shelf life before opening, and for several months after opening, if properly preserved.

The olive is a millenary fruit, one of the most appreciated ingredients of European gastronomy, which is perfectly adapted to the demands of the American consumer. If food transmits millions of sensations, flavors and emotions, the charismatic European olive is capable of channeling them through healthy creations with a tasty Mediterranean touch, like the ones we offer here:





INTERACEITUNA is the Table Olive Interprofessional Organization recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that represents the entire table olive production, processing and marketing sector. Created to implement different programs and activities of general interest, INTERACEITUNA promotes the knowledge of the Spanish table olive and carries out research, promotion and development activities in the sector. INTERACEITUNA and the European Union have joined forces to promote this product.

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