Adappt Ltd are Launching a Dedicated Commercial Testing Arm

September 30, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The core focus of the new unit will be around Automated Software Testing, with dedicated teams of senior developers who specialise in writing UI Automation Tests that will then form part of a CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) pipeline.

CEO David Larner explains "For years we have created scripts and software to test our client projects as part of the main delivery. We have a range of live national television game shows that utterly depend on these tests. Every series bring new features and the infrastructure behind the shows often runs with up to 200 servers. With LIVE TV there are no second chances, and we test everything from mass registration demands to the in-play traffic of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players. Through our work with our clients, we have been surprised to learn how rare automated software tests have been on their other projects and so have made the decision to offer this invaluable skill as a dedicated service."

Automated Software Testing is just one aspect of the many approaches in Software QA, and works by simulating expected (and unexpected) users' interactions throughout a platform or app and checking whether the desired results are presented back. A big advantage of automated software testing vs manual testing is that it can be performed on demand, whenever developers push new features. This in return radically speeds up the process of catching and fixing bugs early in the software development chain, eradicating costly investigative work at a later stage.

Whilst there is undoubtedly a strong case for automated testing, a look across GitHub shows relatively few projects employing comprehensive automated tests and even fewer using UI automation. There is also a natural desire for teams to use in-house QA rather than risk airing their team's dirty laundry to a third party. So, with this new initiative, Adappt's gamble is that once companies see the strength of the case for high coverage Automated Software Testing, it will outweigh the inertia that has so far stopped organisations from fully embracing it.

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