Candygrams Delivers as Sweet Holiday Game Gift

October 29, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A delicious new word game delivers a sweet idea for gift giving this holiday season. Candygrams is the deliciously fun, crossword style word game that all ages can play together.

Just in time for the holidays, Candygrams ($24.99 for 2-4 players ages 7+) is "present" in stores nationwide and online everywhere.

"We were able to get the game shipped in time to satisfy the cravings for a good word game gift this year," Johnny Landers, President of Candygrams, said. "It'll be a tasty treat for kids and grown-ups to find as a stocking stuffer and under the Christmas tree this year."

Candygrams is poised as the go-to gift with its abundance of accolades from toy, game, parenting and educational organizations as well as top influencer reviews. The word game has earned 10 different awards for the fun of its game play, candy theme, clever craftsmanship, and mental stimulation, while it arrives in its ready-to-play, cute eco-resealable bag.

When asked about the candy theme for a word game, Landers explained, "I come from a family of artists. I was brought up to believe that life is better in color and the only thing to take seriously in life is to have fun. We met a challenge to create a new kind of word game that would be easy to learn, fun to play for all ages, and winning didn't depend on speed or being a word genius. The colorful tiles are California sunset inspired pastels, like candy colors, and the game is sweet indulgence of fun."

There are two ways to play Candygrams (Standard and Express).
  • Standard Candygrams: Each player starts with 25 letter tiles (candies) and builds their own crossword by connecting and intersecting words. In each round, everyone connects one new word to their own crossword, matching the "color combo" rolled by the dice. The first player to use all of their candies wins.

  • Express Candygrams: It's a fast-paced word race. The game starts the same, but It's a race to build a word after each roll of the dice. The first player to make a word, announces their word, but then immediately rolls the dice for a new color combo. The winner is determined the same as Standard Candygrams by being the first player to use all of their candies.

  • About Candygrams: Founded in 2019, Candygrams follows a strict philosophy of finding inspiration for creating quality products from simple things, like the colors of a California sunset. The company vision began with the development of a game that could color the world with a beautiful and better word game. The company seeks to manufacture its products using the purest acrylic available, silk-screening components with 100% vegetable inks and considering all eco-friendly properties. The manufacturing partners for Candygrams consistently demonstrate a commitment to fair labor and a clean environment. For more information, visit and interact directly with the company on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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