Southern Indiana Company Trailblazes Manufacturing of Original Maintenance Stands in Aerospace Industry

November 08, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Simpson Aerospace Services (SAS), has recently launched Models 7017 and 7027 in their line of servicing stands for narrow and wide-bodied aircraft. This launch targets a broader range of plane bodies to be more inclusive, with the 7017 wide-body stands being made to accommodate Boeing B767 to B777s and Airbus A330 to A350 planes and the 7027 stand designed for narrow body jets, mainly Boeing B737 to 757s and Airbus A319 to 321s.

"Our access stands are designed with safety and efficiency in mind," said Coy Stepro, General Manager of SAS. "We've been on the tarmac and in the hangars with clients and ground support crews. We've listened, modified, and engineered to precise specifications, with safety being the upmost importance in our mind. That, along with the ability for aircraft technicians to do their work quickly and efficiently, is crucial."

Design features of SAS's new products include:
  • Large, top-of-plane work areas with 360 degree fall protection to eliminate the need for harnesses
  • Ergonomically-designed push bars
  • Fluid, durable casters
  • Multiple tow bar placements, which will allow stand placement to be done manually and without the need for tugs
  • A jib crane for heavy lifting up to 400 lbs. of Wi-Fi antennae or other equipment via an electric hoist
  • A safety sheet below the mid rail cage to prevent parts and tools safe from falling
  • Locking slider bars to fit snugly to a fuselage in order to prevent movement and possible damage to an aircraft
  • Optional lighting features which allows work to be done outdoors and at night

  • All of this means fewer overall equipment needs for ground crews, more safety in accessing the aircraft, and fewer hours making the actual installation or repair. "We've been told by our users that these stands are the "Cadillac" in the industry," Stepro said. "It's nice to hear because we made a large investment in testing prototypes, making redesigns, and tweaking the product."

    Part of that response is due to the flexibility of the product. Maximum stand heights were increased to provide clearance even on the tallest aircraft, and the large work areas allow mechanics to do more work on the fuselage crown at once versus a single task.

    Stepro quotes production time for a stand at 14-16 weeks after print approvals, typically, and says that there are plenty of opportunities for customization, because SAS focuses on solutions, not just a piece of equipment.

    To learn more about SAS and its line of narrow and wide-bodied Wi-Fi maintenance stands and other products, contact Simpson Aerospace Services at one of the contact methods below.

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