51Degrees launches the 51Degrees UAParser – supporting User-Agent Client Hints

February 22, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Reading, UK Feb 21, 2023. 51Degrees announces the release of the 51Degrees UAParser. The product is open source and builds upon the popular UAParser.js package, providing support for User-Agent Client Hints and Apple iPhone model detection.

Unlike other available User-Agent parsers, the 51Degrees UAParser does not rely solely on a deprecated User-Agent HTTP header. Instead, the product uses all available evidence from both the User-Agent and User-Agent Client Hints HTTP headers to detect the device. This dual support is important as Google is gradually removing device model information from Chromium-based browser User-Agents, instead placing device model information within the User-Agent Client Hint headers.

Utilizing the 51Degrees Device Detection service which has greater than 99.9% accuracy, the 51Degrees UAParser can reliably detect Apple iPhone device models which are notoriously hard to detect via the User-Agent.

About 51Degrees: 51Degrees was launched in 2010 and is now a global leader in device detection, offering high-speed device detection with pinpoint accuracy, a highly optimized data file footprint, and robust API's. Other services include Geolocation and TAC intelligence. 51Degrees is headquartered in Reading, Berkshire, and services a worldwide customer base.


Contact information:
Kirstin, Marketing Assistant.
Email: marketing@51degrees.com

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