ProScan Imaging of Louisville, Freestanding MRI Center, Announces Discounted Self-Pay Pricing for Services

March 21, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
ProScan Imaging of Louisville, a leading power in outpatient diagnostic imaging, has recently announced a price drop on self-pay MRI services, which is a permanent change that became effective March 1, 2023. This freestanding imaging center kept a previously-implemented 10% discount on certain MRI services for those who paid in full but, at the beginning of the month, kept that discount while providing an additional, further-reaching price drop that would benefit a larger demographic of all imaging patients.

What used to be a $600-$800 service has now been discounted permanently so that all patients receive $100 off, making the eligible services' new pricing:

  • MRI without contrast - $500
  • MRI with contrast - $600
  • MRI with and without contrast - $700

  • "The pay-in-full discount is still being applied," Louisville ProScan manager Rachel Seither says. "Everyone gets a discount now, but those who pay the full amount will get a further 10% discount on top of this new lower price, making it $450 for a scan without contrast, $540 for an MRI with contrast, and $630 for both."

    Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging vs Hospital Imaging: The Price Disparity
    Having always felt strongly about the difference in price and quality of service that independent imaging centers offer when compared to in-hospital diagnostic imaging, Seither says that there is "no contest" between the two.

    Imaging exams and diagnostics taken at hospitals can cost a person hundreds or thousands more than the alternative of going to an outpatient imaging center, with numbers potentially averaging at a 50-80% price increase for the diagnostic image to be taken in a hospital imaging center.

    In independent imaging centers like ProScan Imaging of Louisville, diagnostic imaging services are the only services offered, and price is often able to be mitigated due to a smaller cost pool where resources are not stretched over multiple areas, like in hospitals. With a higher percentage of finances put towards the imaging specialty, there is less of a need for patients to pay more.

    ProScan Imaging of Louisville aims to make their services as affordable and customer-centered as possible. Seither comments that, "Healthcare is important and crucial to a high quality of life, and we want to make that accessible to those who need it. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible in every way we can."

    To achieve this, along with the $100 decrease in select MRI services, ProScan Imaging of Louisville provides Wide Bore MRIs and Open Extremity MRIs both of which are suitable for and accommodate claustrophobia and all exams are read by board-certified, sub-specialized radiologists as part of making services accurate, tailored, and cost-effective. With flexible appointment times that enable patients to schedule imaging appointments on the weekends, including Sundays, ProScan Imaging of Louisville seems to be one freestanding imaging center that's for the people.

    About ProScan Imaging of Louisville
    ProScan Imaging of Louisville is an independent, local MRI center that revolves around the people of Kentuckiana's ability to have affordable, available diagnostic imaging services. As a freestanding imaging center, ProScan is not affiliated with hospitals and therefore has the ability to provide crucial diagnostic imaging services at a lower price.

    Proscan Imaging of Louisville is "committed to working for the everyday person," offering a central location in St. Matthews, acceptance of all major insurance plans, expanded evening and weekend appointments, and a wide variety of services that include:

  • Wide Bore MRIs
  • Open Extremity MRIs
  • Prostate MRIs
  • MRAs
  • Breast MRIs
  • Screening Breast MRIs
  • Breast MRI Implant Screenings
  • Full Body MRIs
  • Vital Organ MRI Screenings
  • Neurologic MRI Screenings
  • Vascular MRI Screenings
  • An Accredited Independent Outpatient Center

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