Studio Koto and Walkie Talkie bring back the art of conversation

April 04, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Berlin, Germany - Walkie Talkie is the voice-based social app for the next generation. No photos, no videos, no filters and no feeds to distract from the experience. Instead, conversations take center stage. Whether it's a quick chat or a rambling catch up, Walkie Talkie is the place for Gen Z to hang out, exchange ideas and be themselves. With over 13 million downloads in the last year and 2+ hours of daily engagement by their most enthusiastic users, Walkie Talkie is becoming the go-to hangout for GenZ. To ensure that nothing gets out of hand, activity is moderated, building a safe environment.

Retro visuals meet Gen Z aesthetics

Known for their international experience, infectious optimism and collaborative approach, Studio Koto was an obvious choice of partner. Their design highlights the platform's strengths: spontaneity, openness and connection. The central element is the custom LCD-inspired font. In an anonymous app, standing out can be hard. That's why users can customize Talkie, the app's mascot, making it their unique avatar. Koto also developed an icon set, available throughout the app.

Stephane Giraudie, CEO & Founder of Walkie Talkie: "We enable our users to step out of their social bubbles and have unexpected encounters. We needed a first-class new design and a crystal-clear strategy that reflects Walkie Talkie's authenticity and makes young people want to join in. We think Koto has really hit the ground running with the new visual language. Now, nothing stands in our way."

Johann Laeschke, Managing Director of Koto: "The Walkie Talkie brand is very closely aligned with the product, which is why it clearly stands out from all the other social networks. From the beginning, Walkie Talkie had a strong community that appreciated the retro nature of the app. The goal was to further amplify that strength and give it a modern twist."

About Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie is a voice-based social media platform. With 15 million downloads in the last year, 1.5 million active users, and 230,000 reviews, the app has been growing since 2021. Behind the app are founders Stephane Giraudie Founder & CEO of Voxeet (exit to Dolby),, Dolby's developer platform, Valentin Martin & Corentin Larroque, Core Engineers for Voxeet and and supported by a talented team like Maxime Berthelot, Head of Product Growth at Buffer, Ceo and Co-founder PixelMe.

About Koto

Caroline Matthews (Founder & COO), James Greenfield (Founder & CEO) and Jowey Roden (Founder & CCO) co-founded Koto in 2015. Today, Koto is a team of 100 strategists, designers and copywriters, with studios in Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin. Koto brings their international perspective to all projects - whether for Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon Music, Polkadot, Paypal, Sonos or Washington Post. Always unique, always strategic, always optimistic, always collaborative and across channels.

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