Expanded and Rebranded: Louisville-Original Mindfulness and Therapy Center Rejuvenates Brand and Opens New Locations

April 13, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A therapy and meditation center founded in Louisville, KY Louisville Mindfulness Center has rebranded and expanded under a new name: The Mindfulness Center. By rebranding with a new company name that is not tied to any one physical location, The Mindfulness Center has begun to align with their goal to be a global presence, creating the opportunity to expand into new regions with additional physical locations while looking forward to future growth. Their present list of Mindfulness Centers includes:

  • The Mindfulness Center Louisville
  • The Mindfulness Center Lexington

  • Additionally, they have expanded the reach of their services throughout all of Kentucky, as well as other states, with telehealth services available to those who reside in Indiana and Florida.

    The Mindfulness Center's rebrand has come with slight internal shifts to define and implement a brand guide that has been tasked with unifying content, colors, and staff, in addition to drawing brand recognition that will resonate through their myriad of present and future endeavors. While keeping their core colors, The Mindfulness Center has rebranded with an added gold tone along with more vibrant hues of red and blue that create contrast, but also hold deeper meaning, according to The Mindfulness Center founder, author, and therapist, Megan B. Bartley.

    "It represents balance and change," Bartley explains, pointing out the contrast in both the physical colors and how the colors can be perceived. "Will red be viewed as aggressive or passionate? Will blue be seen as sad or calming? By exploring new perspectives, we can see things in a new light and that's what this color palette represents: a shift in perspective and the duality of all things."

    According to Bartley, color is not the only element of their brand that they have kept, remodeled, and defined in the rebrand; their circular logo has also been carried over with additional meaning, having been a branding staple since the company was founded.

    She explains that the logo is more than just a circle, as some people see it. Universally, the circle has been revered as sacred, with Bartley recalling examples such as Enso, the Ouroboros, the Flower of Life, Mandala, and Yin and Yang.

    "We are The Mindfulness Center we revolve around balanced, mindful behaviors and conscious, intentional actions. The circle represents wholeness, flow, movement, change, and balance; that's who we want to be!" Bartley says.

    Embracing a Global Presence
    When asked what was next on The Mindfulness Center's docket, Bartley laughed, citing big goals and exciting new developments, including:

    1. A new book release to add to the existing one that she has already published:
  • "RESET: Six Powerful Exercises to Refocus on What Works and Release What Doesn't"
  • "Don't Go to Sleep"
  • 2. Staff Appearances on television, most recently WHAS Great Day Live
    3. New Episodes on their recently-released podcast, Shifting Our Sh!t, or S.O.S., which is available on their website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.
  • A sample clip has been included with this release, as well - find it below at the end under "attachments"
  • 4. A new Beginner's Meditation Class Series for mindful meditation

    "We've been embracing a more global presence with our desire to be more accessible to more people," Bartley says, referencing their expansion nationally and internationally. "Friends outside of Kentucky kept saying, 'I wish I had a Mindfulness Center near me.'"

    Accessibility is important to Bartley, who likes to point people to the free and low-cost offerings on The Mindfulness Center's website, such as videos, guided meditations, blog posts, and worksheets. The Mindfulness Center's sister website, The Mindfulness Classes, offers affordable and comprehensive online courses such as "The Art of Saying No" and "Dealing with Difficult People".

    In addition to the expansion of location, The Mindfulness Center has broadened their audience focus, incorporating a targeted demographic of other mental health providers who are striving for excellence. With job opportunities, continued educational training, and provider-centric content, Bartley comments that part of their new mission is to "nurture the nurturers."

    About The Mindfulness Center
    At The Mindfulness Center, their mission is to help you find peace and joy in your life and relationships. By ensuring that their clients have practical, easy-to-use tools to utilize as they deal with all of life's stressors, they focus on mindset while acknowledging behavior, promote wellness while honoring that there is illness, and look at what can be done in the present while remaining aware of the past's effect while looking forward to future goals.

    The Mindfulness Center currently employs one therapy dog-in-training, Lemon Drop, as well as 12 providers with specialties across the board ranging from couples and relationship therapy, dealing with difficult people, ending a relationship well, anxiety reduction, anger management, substance abuse, spirituality, and resistance to change. They also cater to specific demographics, such as young professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, nonprofit leadership, and their families.

    Contact Us Page
    Consultation and Appointment Booking
    Email: info@mindfulness-center.com

    Mailing Address:
    8009 New La Grange Road, Suite #1
    Louisville, KY 40222

    Office Locations
    8009 New La Grange Rd, #1
    Louisville, KY 40222

    1795 Alysheba Way, #1204,
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