The Medias Hospital is Raising the Bar for Interventional Oncology as an IASIOS Enrolled Centre

May 30, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Burghausen/Germany, 30. May 2023 The Medias Hospital has officially enrolled in the accreditation program of IASIOS to further ensure highest quality standards in Interventional Oncology as an important aspect of oncological patient care.

The Medias Hospital has taken the next step to committing to the highest standards when it comes to interventional oncology (IO) care and is thrilled to announce its official enrolment as part of the IASIOS accreditation program. IASIOS provides facilities with guidance on standardizing their patient pathways and building quantifiable benchmarking systems. With the establishment of IO as the fourth pillar of cancer care, facilities providing IO therapies follow appropriate guidelines if the treatments are to be used safely and appropriately. The Medias Hospital is currently one of only four prestigious German Clinics to be part of the enrolment program.

"High standards in the fields of patient care, treatment options and innovation through continuous oncological research have always been a staple of the work done at Medias Hospital, which is why we are particularly honored to be part of the common goal of IASIOS to ensure the best possible therapies in regard to IO", states Prof. Dr. med. Karl R. Aigner, head physician at the Medias Hospital and leader of the accreditation team.

The Medias Hospital in Burghausen specializes in the application and further advancement of innovative cancer therapy procedures and is held in high esteem both nationally and internationally in this field. As part of these efforts, clinical studies are regularly conducted at the Medias Hospital to optimize patient survival as well as quality of life. Many of the results from this research have already been published in internationally acclaimed journals or presented at key industry events.

An important part of the treatment options at Medias Hospital is the use of Regional Chemotherapy, which has been pioneered and improved upon by Prof. Dr. Aigner. In contrast to regular systemic chemotherapy, regional chemotherapy only applies the cytostatics to the tumor and the area around it instead of the whole body, which leads to almost no side effects in the course of the treatment.

As an IASIOS Enrolled Centre, the Medias Hospital joins a global community of IO centres that develop and promote IO practice while raising awareness about its benefits among patients and medical providers. IASIOS community members also have the opportunities to learn from each other and, from now on, benefit from the extensive experience and comprehensive expertise of the Medias Hospital.


The International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services (IASIOS) is the first accreditation system designed for medical facilities operating in interventional oncology and aspiring for formal recognition. The global IASIOS accreditation streamlines the whole patient pathway and provides facilities with essential quality standards for safer procedures and patient satisfaction. Centres that are enrolled in the IASIOS system can utilise the support provided by the IASIOS office and optional consultancy while they are in the process of improving their IO service lines and preparing their IASIOS application. In addition to the accreditation, IASIOS is a membership programme providing a global network of like-minded interventional oncologists. For more information, please visit

About the Medias Hospital in Burghausen

The Medias Hospital is a private medical center that specializes in Oncology Surgery and Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Karl Reinhard Aigner, who has 40 years of expertise in the field and is considered a pioneer of RCT worldwide. Its range of therapies extends to immunotherapy, hyperthermia, and pain therapy. The hospital comprises a total of 36 inpatient beds and a surgery unit with two operating theatres. The Medias Hospital is an active center for research and science, teaching, and the international training of oncology surgeons. Among others, national collaborations have notably been set up with the Genomic Medicine Network (Netzwerk Genomische Medizin, NGM), in the lung cancer field with the Lung Cancer Group Cologne (LCGC) as well as with the Institute of Pathology in the Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) at the University Hospital of Cologne and the University Hospital of Giessen.

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