P3 Charging Index / Report: Long distance suitability of electric vehicles based on energy consumption and charging curves

June 13, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The P3 Charging Index (P3CI) was created by international consulting firm P3 in 2019 to compare the 'actual' charging speed of electric vehicles. Over the past years, it has established itself as an independent standardization in the German and European EV market. This year, the team tested cars from both American and international manufacturers under US-circumstances.

The decisive parameter for the P3CI is the time required to recharge an electric vehicle's range to determine its suitability for long distances and every-day usage. Instead of the usual comparisons of charging power in kilowatts (kW), the P3CI uses the vehicles' consumption data and charging curves to depict the time they take to recharge range in miles.

P3 Charging Index value of 1.0 represents the ability of e-vehicles to recharge 200 miles of actual range within 20 minutes, which demonstrates fitness for long distances.

Cars and method

Cars tested for P3CI USA:

Not Tax Credit eligible
- BMW i4 eDrive40 Gran Coupe
- BMW iX xDrive50
- Lucid Air Grand Touring
- Polestar 2 LR Single Motor
- Porsche Taycan GTS
- Tesla Model S Plaid

Tax Credit eligible

- Ford F-150 Lightning 4WD Extended Range
- Ford Mustang Mach-E CAL RT 1 ER RWD
- Rivian R1T
- Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD
- Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD
- VW ID.4 Pro

The charging curves applied are the result of multiple tests at optimal conditions (preconditioned), conducted by P3 experts with measurement equipment at high power charging stations (≥200 kW). Standardized consumption is based on EPA.

See the full report for more information and test results: www.p3-group.com/p3-charging-index-us-report-06-23

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