Customcells launches development partnership with OneD

June 15, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
  • Industrialization of BEV battery cells for an international automotive OEM
  • Silicon as a material for a new era of electric vehicles
  • SINANODE technology enables 4x charging speed while simultaneously reducing costs

  • Itzehoe / Palo Alto, June 15, 2023. OneD Battery Sciences and Customcells have entered into a strategic, project-based partnership. The companies have agreed to optimize, manufacture, and deliver BEV prototype cells to a global automotive manufacturer in an initial joint project.

    "The cooperation with OneD is another important step for Customcells on its way to becoming a global player. Customized premium battery cells are the key to sustainable mobility," said Dr. Dirk Abendroth, CEO Customcells.
    Currently, most electric vehicles are either too expensive for the broad mass of customers or their range is too limited. The reasons for this are the limited energy density and the high cost of batteries.

    OneD Battery Sciences aims to remove these two hurdles to e-mobility with its SINANODE technology. Silicon added to battery anodes is the key, as ithas been a promising material that can hold ten times as many ions per weight as graphite. However, experiments with silicon have long been beset with technical problems. This said, OneD's multi-patented developments eliminate these problems, culminating today in the SINANODE technology. It stands for a graphite-silicon composite anode. These anodes allow a fourfold increase in charging speed while simultaneously reducing the cost of e-car batteries.

    As a result, smaller and less expensive batteries will be possible, leading to more affordable electric cars with greater range and faster charging capabilities. Only with these cars will a glaring gap in the BEV model portfolio be closed.

    Customcells is now supporting OneD in the industrialization of cells with SINANODE technology on a large scale. Together, OneD and Customcells will produce prototype cells for a globally represented renowned automotive manufacturer. OneD will leverage Customcells' development expertise and extensive experience for an automotive application.

    "OneD's goal has always been to make silicon a viable material for a new era of electric vehicles. We believe that the winners of the electric vehicle race will be those who can effectively add more silicon to the battery cell at a low cost without disrupting existing supply chains and processes," said Yimin Zhu, CTO of OneD Battery Sciences. "We look forward to working with Customcells with a great deal of enthusiasm. This partnership will allow us to further accelerate the adoption of low-cost electric vehicles."

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    About OneD Battery Sciences
    OneD Battery Sciences is the creator developer of the SINANODE technology platform, the breakthrough technology that successfully manufactures nano-silicon to increase the energy density & lower the cost of anode electrodes in EV batteries. Thus, SINANODE enables more affordable, longer range & faster charging EVs. In 2013, OneD Battery Sciences acquired Nanosys' silicon nanowire technologies (SINANODE) and its Palo Alto R&D activities. Thanks to 15 years of continuous innovations under Dr. Zhu's leadership, OneD can now leverage its extensive portfolio of over 220 issued patents worldwide, helping its battery supply chain partners achieve unrivaled freedom of action. In September 2022, GM Ventures publicly announced an investment in OneD's series C financing, along with Volta Energy, a venture capital firm with deep expertise in material sciences and battery technologies. More information:

    About Customcells
    Customcells brings premium battery cells to the road, water, and air. As one of the leading companies in the development and series production of special lithium-ion battery cells, Customcells is setting the pace for a comprehensive technological transformation. Customcells employs more than 150 highly qualified employees and operates development and production sites in Itzehoe and Tübingen. As an independent premium brand, Customcells stands for customized solutions in a wide range of industries and continuously pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible through digital technologies. The company supports its customers along the entire value chain – from the initial idea, through prototyping and series production, to project planning and commissioning of customers' own gigafactories. In doing so, Customcells systematically pursues a technological vertical integration strategy through cooperation with respective "best in class" companies in the value chain – from material manufacturers to plant constructors to recycling specialists. Today, Customcells is a recognized premium partner of major automotive manufacturers and is playing a large role in driving the electrification of the aviation sector with its solutions to enable entirely new forms of mobility together with partners and customers. More information

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