777 Hypercar, Born In Monza Presents The Lounge and The First Prototype at The Autodrome / A Research Centre and an Experimental Version Will Be Created

July 05, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Friday 7 July in Monza will mark the official start of the 777 hypercar project. It will be the occasion to inaugurate the 777 Motors Lounge, a multimedia open space that is located at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, adjacent to the monument celebrating the racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio.

July 7 will be the date on which the definitive version of the first 777 hypercar prototype will be presented to the public, with permanent presence in its headquarters at the Temple of Speed.

Construction of 7 777 hypercars

777 hypercars will be produced in a limited edition of 7 units for track use only ( 7.000.000), combining the best of automotive excellence: Dallara, who is handling the engineering, aerodynamics and production aspects, Gibson Technology, supplier of the naturally aspirated V8 engine, and Sparco, who is creating the clothing line. The lines of the 777 hypercar were born from the pencil of Umberto Palermo Design.

777 hypercar Unit-000, an experimental laboratory of new technologies

In 2025, 7 units of 777 hypercar will be produced for customers, and at the same time 777 Motors will build 777 hypercar Unit-000, the experimental version which will be a dynamic laboratory on four wheels equipped with the most advanced autonomous driving technologies, AI drivers, virtual coaching.

777 hypercar Unit-000 will be built in partnership with PoliMOVE, Ascari and Indy Autonomous Challenge.

To create 777 hypercar Unit-000, a new international research centre will be built which will welcome and make use of engineering centres and universities from all over the world, as well as technologically advanced companies, for a fruitful open-source collaboration.

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