Riverside, CA Native Publishes New Book That Reveals Strategies for Successful Employment After Graduation

August 18, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Figuring Sh*t Out: The Guidebook for Landing a Job within Your Field of Study Fresh Out of College, a new book by Alexis Thrower, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

In her new book, "Figuring Shit Out: The Guidebook for Landing a Job within Your Field of Study Fresh Out of College," Alexis Thrower provides a comprehensive guide for soon-to-be graduates seeking employment in their chosen fields. Filled with personal anecdotes and practical advice, the book aims to equip readers with employable practices to quickly secure a job after college.

Thrower, a Cal State LA alumna, knows firsthand the challenges faced by graduates in today's competitive job market. Drawing from her own experiences and conversations with fellow graduates, she discovered a common struggle: the lack of a clear plan beyond applying for countless jobs. Determined to make her investment in education worthwhile, Thrower embarked on a journey to find alternative strategies to ensure her success.

"Envisioning life after graduation is a universal experience for students. We often hold onto the belief that opportunities will magically appear once we earn our degrees," says Thrower. "However, the reality is different. I wrote this book to share my journey and help the next wave of scholars secure employment swiftly."

Leaning on her faith and paying close attention to what worked and what didn't, Thrower developed and implemented effective practices that enabled her to land a job in her field of study immediately after graduating. Her book is a result of her passion for education and her desire to serve students by empowering them with the knowledge and strategies needed to kick-start their careers.

In addition to her academic achievements, Thrower has excelled in the communications industry. Her extensive background in strategic communications and broadcast journalism positions her as a knowledgeable guide in the job search process. Currently working in communications while pursuing a doctorate of education, Thrower aims to combine her expertise with her doctoral studies to reshape communication practices for marginalized students in the education system.

The book is available now in bookstores nationwide and online.

About the Author
Alexis Thrower is a distinguished alumna of Cal State LA, having majored in communications and television, film, and media studies. She furthered her education by earning a master's degree in communications from John Hopkins University. With a diverse background in strategic communications and broadcast journalism, Thrower currently serves as an adjunct professor of communications, emphasizing her commitment to quality education. As she pursues a doctorate of education, her goal is to leverage her experiences to revolutionize communication practices for marginalized students in the education system.

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