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March 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

NEW YORK, NY, USA, MARCH 14, 2006 - In response to recent media reports touting the supposed benefits of the PATH train system's "SmartLink" smart cards, we announce the launch of We are a local, very small grassroots organization seeking the assistance of those likeminded to join us in educating the public of the dangers of the RFID technology utilized in this system.

These dangers include threats to the privacy of individual commuters, and the security of linked bank accounts and deposited funds.

In a published Request For Information document, the Department of Homeland Security is seeking RFID devices that "can be sensed remotely, passively, and automatically … The device must be readable … while carried by pedestrians …". This new system can help to fill this request. With unobtrusive readers placed throughout the system, commuters could be tracked individually and their locations pinpointed, recorded and archived. This should be of great concern to anyone who values personal freedoms and recognizes governmental abuses of power.

Additionally RFID is easily scanned and duplicated by those with malicious intent. Accounts can be depleted of funds easily and without detection. While potential health risks of multiple high powered RFID readers are yet unknown, it is common concern.

A similar system will be in trial runs in New York City's subways this year. calls for the boycott of the train system's RFID cards when they become available. If we, as consumers, refuse this technology while still given a choice, and voice our opposition publicly, we can do away with this threat to our security and privacy.

More information is available on the web at


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