The Night Hunter is Making a Killing

August 24, 2023 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
While murder mystery and forensic-based TV shows and movies have been gaining in popularity over the past ten years, only since 2021 has murder-themed game play emerged. Now there are immediate murder solving games that may be played at home. University Games has been the leader in murder-based games for the last four decades since launching the Murder Mystery Party brand in 1985.

Co-Founder, Bob Moog, explained, "In the 1980s when Mystery Weekend and Mystery Train were popular, we created the Murder Mystery Party to give partiers a mystery-in-a-box that could be solved in an evening with friends. Now in 2023, we present The Night Hunter, which is the next generation of murder mysteries and the first to feature a serial killer."

University Games and The Indy Toy Lab have teamed up to bring the story of The Night Hunter to life. After University Games sold over one million Murder Mystery Party Case Files throughout the world in just three years, The Night Hunter stands alone as the next generation of murder-in-a-box. To catch The Night Hunter, four separate game-solving chapters require players to solve five distinct and seemingly unrelated murders. The game includes ciphers, cryptograms and hidden clues, requiring good old-fashioned gumshoe logic and observational skills. Jordan Goddard of the Indy Toy Lab said, "for The Night Hunter, we focused on game challenges players have never seen before in the growing mystery genre, along with production values that exceed any other game on the market."

Moog continued, "This game is a monster with more to figure out than any book, movie, TV show or game available. The twists and turns made me dizzy when I first played it. The game is an excellent gift for anyone who likes solving mysteries and wants a bigger challenge."

The Night Hunter takes 3-4 hours to play and employs innovative online hints and solutions that help detectives throughout every step of the game, making sure they don't get stuck.

In online reviews, The Night Hunter, is receiving an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The game is available online and at retail shops including Target, Amazon, Fred Meyer and

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