60 Years, 280 Artists, 15 Mediums: The Harmony of Creativity at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival

February 06, 2024 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival steps into its 60th year, marking a significant milestone in the world of creativity and expression. In this celebration, the festival not only goes big but also finds its way back home, connecting with its roots and core purpose. This momentous journey commenced with a visionary spark, evolving from an outdoor exhibition to a celebration of art, community, and enduring creativity. During the festival, attendees are set to encounter a mesmerizing variation of artistic styles and mediums, creating a vibrant tapestry that seamlessly weaves together both returning and newly introduced talents.

From the captivating lens of photography to the allure of innovative jewelry designs, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival emerges with the mission to reaffirm its standing as one of the nation's Top 10 festivals. Each medium serves as a brushstroke in the canvas of this celebration, an exploration of the limitless realms of artistic imagination and expression.

The 60th iteration of this highly frequented outdoor festival promises to display a diversity of styles, textures, media, colors, and cultures to fill the senses. Camille Marchese, the Executive Director of CGAF, sheds light on the curation process. "The level of art you'll expect to see at this show is off-the-chart! This isn't your typical outside art fair. Artists come from all around the globe and are carefully selected by a team of highly skilled art professionals. Over 1100 artists vied for the available 240 spaces. We are very excited that the caliber of the art has increased, and we are once again considered one of the very best shows in the country."

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is slated for Presidents' Day Weekend on February 17, 18 and 19, 2024. General Admission and VIP Collector's Club tickets have already gone on sale.

Meet some of the diverse artists participating at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival:

A second-generation artist, Nicholas Barnes introduces the captivating technique of Wood Cloisonné. Starting with wood collected from his Appalachian home, he employs woodturning to craft intricate designs. His focus on color, shape, and edge creates a blend of vision and natural materials, offering a look unattainable by nature or man alone.

ANNIE BISONE, Milwaukee, WI.
Advocating for zero-waste and ethically made garments, Annie Bisone is a champion of Slow Fashion. Her creations prioritize design, comfort, and utility, sourced from discarded high-quality fabrics from design houses. Each garment becomes a unique piece, a testament to her commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

REY D'ALFONSO, Greenville, SC.
Born and raised in Cuba, Rey D'Alfonso infuses his mixed-media paintings with vibrant expressions of contemporary culture. Utilizing Baltic birch, he layers pigments through carving and torching to create dynamic pieces inspired by Art Deco, old American cars, and the vivid colors of Cuban tropical splendor. His work delves into the experiences of migrants and immigrants, incorporating artifacts that emphasize our shared human history.

With 45 years of experience, Kimber Fiebiger sculpts bronze masterpieces using the lost wax method. Her journey began in high school, overcoming gender barriers to pursue her passion. Currently finishing a large commission for Colorado Springs, she adds the 19th large-scale sculpture to her impressive portfolio, spreading art around the city

Born in Miami, Kate Rothra Fleming is a glass artist and jewelry designer. Her journey began in Botswana with the US Peace Corps, creating flamework glass pieces mimicking natural materials. Self-taught and award-winning, she has been featured in books, magazines, and museum exhibitions, showcasing her commitment to artistic excellence.

ERICA IMAN, Kansas City, MO.
Sculptor and painter Erica Iman molds clay and raw earth materials into forms inspired by geology and fragmented landscapes. Her global experiences, including two years in the U.S. Peace Corps in Mongolia, contribute to her award-winning creations, such as Best in Show at Denver's Cherry Creek Art Festival in 2021 and at Miami's Coconut Grove Arts Festival in 2023.

Internationally recognized humanitarian photographer, Lisa Kristine captures the essence of Indigenous cultures and social causes across more than 100 countries. Using a 19th-century 4x5" field camera and Hasselblad, Kristine's work not only documents but actively supports charities and humanitarian organizations. Her impactful photography serves as a powerful narrative, resonating locally and globally.

Gail Markiewicz crafts hand-built textured and carved clay vessels and sculptural forms. Airbrushing and hand-painting with a passion for color and texture define her unique artwork. A veteran of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival since 1983, her enduring passion continues to be highlighted in her captivating ceramic works.

Lawrence Packard specializes in pen and ink drawings of ships lost at sea. Executed freehand on nautical charts, each drawing is a meticulous layering of thousands of pen strokes, capturing historical records with unparalleled precision. His unique approach pays homage to maritime history and the stories woven into the depths of the ocean.

Award-winning artist Evan Reinheimer excels in the unique technique of "Kite Aerial Photography." Using kites to lift his camera into the air, he captures breathtaking aerial photographs worldwide. His childhood love for kites and photography converges, allowing him to create a body of work that spans various climates, fueled by a passion for travel.

Fleeing the USSR to NYC, Ella Richards draws inspiration from her life in Greenwich Village. Using cuticle scissors as her brush on black paper, she crafts original drawings that are cut out and glued to watercolor paper. The minimalism of black and white allows her to control the lines and emotions of each drawing, creating a unique visual language.

Born in Güines, Havana, Cuba, Hernan Rodriguez is a self-taught contemporary landscape painter. Using oil on canvas, he translates the unique and exotic landscapes of his Cuban hometown into captivating works of art. Rodriguez's instinctive approach to painting reflects his deep connection to the Cuban countryside, creating pieces that resonate with the beauty of his surroundings.

Scientist-turned-artist Andrew Sovjani combines his scientific background with traditional photographic materials. Utilizing alchemy in a hybrid analog/digital technique, he creates prints from B&W film negatives chemically altered by hand. The result is a unique blend of art and science, offering viewers a visual experience that transcends traditional photography.

PAIGE WHITCOMB, Springfield, MO.
Paige Whitcomb utilizes one of the oldest photographic methods to capture images, employing Civil War-era cameras from the 1860s. Using a 19th-century large-format camera, she seamlessly photographs people and places, creating a nostalgic portrayal of memories and dreams from another time and place. Each image, a 1/1 original piece, captures the essence of a bygone era, resonating with a timeless charm.

Saturday, February 17: 10 AM 6 PM
Sunday, February 18: 10 AM 6 PM
Monday, February 19: 10 AM 5 PM

2700 S. Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133

Tickets are currently on sale at www.cgaf.com and start at $25 online.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is not just about art; it is also the social event of the year. Over 80,000 attendees from across the region pass through the gates of The Coconut Grove Arts Festival to experience one of the nation's top outdoor, fine-arts festivals that dates back to 1963. This iconic South Florida event presents 285 internationally recognized artists who were selected during a blind jury process based solely on artistic merit. The jury panel is comprised of art professionals from around the country. Original pieces are displayed in the following categories: mixed media, painting, photography, digital art, printmaking and drawing, watercolor, ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry and metalwork, sculpture, and wood. It offers culinary experiences and has featured celebrity chefs including Giorgio Rapicavoli, Ralph Pagano, and Allen Susser. The festival has been honored to have some of the world's premier artists officially create the commemorative poster, including Romero Britto, Guy Harvey, Clyde Butcher, Benjamin Frey, Jacqueline Roch, Xavier Cortada, Rick Garcia, Lisa Remeny, and Alexander Mijares to name a few. The festival is operated by the 501(c)(3) Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association and produced by EngageLive, LLC. Proceeds go towards funding year-round arts programs such as providing art supplies to a variety of schools and organizations, hosting a Visiting Artist Program with Miami-Dade County Schools, and our nationally recognized Emerging Artist Program. In addition, the festival awards over $70,000 in scholarships benefiting graduating seniors from local public magnet arts high schools and art students from Florida International University.

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