Restaurants Can Now Use a Computer to Deliver Wait Staff Training

March 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Recent surveys about factors affecting the success of a restaurant list the quality of service as the key determining factor in customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth advertising. Consistent and effective wait staff training is one of the most important steps that restaurant management can take to ensure a high quality of service. Unfortunately, many restaurants face serious training obstacles, such as scheduling logistics, recurring costs due to staff turnover, and lack of training expertise.
A Role in the Show was developed to overcome these obstacles to restaurant training. A multimedia computer is all that is required to deliver consistent and cost effective training to an unlimited number of staff, at a time convenient to everyone's schedule, as often as required. The course contains five modules, each take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Staff can learn at their own pace, taking the course in bite size chunks. Refresher training can be provided as and when required, new hires can be trained the day they start.
The restaurant business is like show business. A Role in the Show uses the metaphor to help prepare the restaurant cast for a star performance.
Instead of or in addition to attending restaurant training sessions, reading manuals, or watching a video, trainees engage with an interactive training course on a computer. A simple type in registers each trainee so training progress can be monitored. Training modules include topics such as dealing with difficult customers, teamwork, table service, product knowledge, and selling skills. Online games, interactive reviews and exercises reinforce topics and improve learning retention.
Training progress can be monitored with the administration program. Training effectiveness can be assessed with A 40 question Screen Test that automatically tests, scores and records training results in the online administration.
A Role in the Show is available for training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When compared to traditional training methods, studies have shown that interactive training can:
Reduce training time 30-70%
Increase learning retention over 50%
Reduce training costs
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