SANI Car Rental: Driving Community Spirit through Western Cape Events

March 20, 2024 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
K-Day: Partnering with Primedia

March 20, 2024 - From March 1st to 3rd, SANI Car Rental proudly served as the official car rental and shuttle partner to Primedia, for K-Day, one of the most anticipated events in the Western Cape. As the festivities unfolded, SANI's fleet seamlessly navigated through the excitement, ensuring attendees, artists and VIP's arrived in style and comfort. The brand's presence wasn't merely logistical and attendees were able to engage with SANI staff at their memorable activation point on event day. The brand's unmatched flexibility and reliability resonated with the Primedia team. "The SANI team is very collaborative and always looking for solutions. It's been an absolute pleasure working with SANI Car Rental.'- Nevin Thebus (Trade Marketing Specialist, Primedia)

ACSA Activation at Cape Town International Airport
From March 4th to 9th, SANI Car Rental extended its outreach to the bustling hub of Cape Town International Airport, partnering with ACSA for an activation that showcased the brand's commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences. Amidst the whirlwind of arrivals, SANI Car Rental stood as a beacon of hospitality, offering convenience and efficiency to local and international travellers alike.

Cycle Tour Rider Activation: DHL Stadium
From March 7th to 9th, SANI Car Rental embraced the spirit of athleticism and camaraderie at the Rider Activation held at DHL Stadium. As enthusiasts geared up for the upcoming Cape Cycle Tour, SANI Car Rental provided not just transportation, but a sense of unity and shared purpose. The brand's involvement went beyond logistics as it embodied the very essence of community by encouraging and supporting cyclists during their registration process.

Cape Cycle Tour: Official Car Rental Partner
For the second consecutive year, SANI Car Rental took centre stage as the official car rental partner of the iconic Cape Cycle Tour. As cyclists embarked on their journey through picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains, SANI Car Rental's support echoed loudly across the route and the Suikerbos Water Point. Participants experienced first-hand the brand's unwavering dedication to fostering connections and creating memorable moments. 'We were delighted to have SANI Car Rental as the official Car Rental Partner of the Cape Town Cycle Tour again," said David Bellairs, director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. 'Their contributions to Cycle Tour have made our lives easier and we believe every participant will echo the positive experiences we have had with SANI.'

Heart-warming Response and Recognition
SANI Car Rental received a heart-warming response from the community, with attendees recognizing and appreciating the brand's efforts at every event. Whether it was a friendly smile from a driver or seamlessly coordinated service, SANI Car Rental left an indelible impression in a region renowned for its diversity and vibrancy. Through their participation in Western Cape events, SANI made car rental accessible and uncomplicated.

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