Computer Graphics Geek Teaches World Wide, The Leap in Technology.

March 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
"Teaching in my studio, two blocks from the Beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is great," says Author/Computer Illustrator, Bill Dallas Lewis. He adds, "But my students are all over the world. I do everything via web, or video conferencing."

Bill, a Dartmouth College Graduate, always used advanced computer graphics to create his artwork and animations. That's why more than 600 schools between the United State and Turkey would fly him in with his computers to have him show their students how he used the fun computer graphics programs.

"I needed to take my skills to the next level," Bill said. He was talking about why he moved to San Francisco. "I was real good, but I found a position teaching PhotoShop, Flash, DreamWeaver, html, Illustrator and Video Editing programs to senior designers from major corporations. I figured that if I did this for about 5 years, then I would get really, really good."

Then it happened! The event that changed his life. Bill got a call from a Vice President of Citi Group in New York City. She wanted him to teach her senior designers how to animate in Flash for web development. Bill didn't want to quit his teaching job so he researched web conferencing software and the future was born.

At 4:00am in the morning, Bill would sign on the internet with some special software that would allow 3 Citi Group designers in New York to see his computer live. Live! They would have Flash opened on their computers and he would have Flash opened. They watch and listen to him as he instructs them on what to do. If they have a problem, they can click a button and allow Bill to see their desktop. This process went on for many months.

This is when the light when on in Bill's head. He said, "It was a rainy, cold day in the Bay Area, and it hit me that I could live anywhere in the world. So I looked up Puerto Vallarta, found a realtor, and now, I'm here."

Bill now has more than 200 students, mostly in the United States. He teaches Flash, DreamWeaver, html, Illustrator, and Video Editing 24/7 in all time zones from his studio, 100 yards from the pool, and 2 blocks from the beach and hundreds of pubs and restaurants.

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