10 Pin Bowling around the world open for bookings 24 hours a day ! 24 hour online booking systems for bowling centres

March 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Bowlers just want to know if their local bowling centre has lanes available, bowling centres just want to book as many bowlers in as possible, however, with low margins how many staff is the right amount, during both busy and quiet times, to make sure all telephone calls are answered, walk-ins dealt with and the maximum number of people are booked in to bowl ?

Ibooka provides all bowling centres, large and small, with their own 24 hours a day/7 days a week Internet booking system to offer a better customer service and profitability. Ibooka is completely free of any software costs, computer costs and ongoing support fees, it is even hosted by ibooka so operations are also minimised. It is a free personalised online booking web site for any size bowling centre or chain of bowling centres. The only ongoing usage cost is a few pennies per booking each time a customer books a lane and spends money with the centre.

All the functionality of a comprehensive online and offline booking system without any software or support costs ! In fact the biggest challenge for ibooka is that ibooka’s customers always look for the “catch” and that’s why ibooka is provided with a completed free, no obligation trial for bowling centres to try the system out and see how well it helps improve service and footfall in their business.

Ibooka will even set up a trial system free of charge, assist with configuration questions and provide free “hand holding” at any time. There are many booking systems available worldwide but only one that is not shared and completely free unless there are transactions that are bring revenue into the bowling centre ! Bowling centres have nothing to lose but possibly huge gains from trying out an ibooka system.

There is a demonstration of how bowling centres use ibooka at http://bowl.ibooka.com and more information on ibooka’s website at www.ibooka.com.

Ibooka is an equally appropriate solution for independent Bowling Centres or for the largest bowling centre chains, integrating into all environments and with most existing systems. Ibooka also provides registration systems and booking solutions to many other industries, for more information about ibooka or to understand how ibooka can provide a solution in your business please visit www.ibooka.com or contact ibooka at ibooka@ibooka.com completely free and without obligation.

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