Sleep in Sicily’s pick for a sailing itinerary

March 25, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
SLEEPINSICILY.COM is interested in developing a high service level of accommodation in Sicily and has at heart the promotion of Sicily’s outstanding beauty representing the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. Moreover, Sicily offers an abundant variety of anchorage from where unforgettable tours can be organised.

Life on board will be relaxing and will provide unforgettable experiences since reaching some of Sicily’s most beautiful cities by yacht does not provide the same sensations as when landing in by aeroplane or driving in by car. The best way to begin a sailing tour around Sicily is from our Headquarters in the historical centre on the Island of Ortigia, Syracuse. Our base port in Syracuse is situated on the eastern coast of Sicily and is one of Sicily’s main attractions due to its archaeological zone and historical testimony and also being a centre of industry and commerce Moreover, the broad waterfront of the Island of Ortigia, is an ideal place from which to appreciate the unique panoramic view of Porto Grande that witnessed great battles and it is ideal for a point of departure for a sailing Sicily tour. Syracuse has two ports to yachting, the main one being Porto Grande and the other one being Porto Piccolo (otherwise known as Porto Marmoreo). May we remind that depending on the availability, the night before embarkation and the night of disembarkation is discounted of 50% in our Headquarter in Syracuse and in our bed and breakfast franchising all over Sicily.
Tourists are attracted to Syracuse and its Province for the high quality tourist services, beautiful coasts and historical remains; hence the area’s scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. Amongst the most famous marine localities are Noto, Avola, Capo Passero, Fontane Bianche, Arenella, Marzamemi, Brucolii e Angone Bagni.
On your sailing yacht heading south from Syracuse and surpassing Cape Murro di Porco, one will arrive to the outstanding protected marine nature reserve of Plemmirio (Maddalena Peninsula). Plemmirio faces Ortigia and apart from nesting Greek remains, it boasts enchanting caves and a seabed rich in fauna typical of the Mediterranean hence making it ideal for divers. Moreover its landscape is marked by typical Mediterranean vegetation, especially by the dwarf palm tree. Proceeding coastwise, one reaches the beautiful sandy beach of Arenella, then Fonatne Bianche bay, to then proceed to Avola coast, which is the extension of the town Avola where typical prehistoric Sicilian tombs are found. The itinerary leads to Marina di Noto, which is the seaside extension of Noto, otherwise known as the Baroque City and is also listed in UNESCO world heritage. Along the coast south of Siracusa is the superb Vendicari nature reserve, which is southernmost of all Italian reserves made up of marshy areas and various sea outlets; hence it is an area rich in flora and fauna. Proceeding along the coast, one reaches the charming and quiet seafaring village of Marzamemi (from Arab meaning harbour of doves) equipped with berthing facilities, to then proceed to visit the nearby Pachino with the Cave of Calafarina amongst its natural attractions and to taste the Mediterranean cuisine decorated with the famous Pachino tomatoes. From Pachino one can proceed to the Southeastern end of Sicily, Capo Passero that is a paradise for divers, ideal for a relaxing holiday and excellent for historical sightseeing. In front of Portopalo there is the little Island of Capo Passero and right between the isle and Sicily is the strategic point for tunny fishing and an attraction for bird watching. Furthermore, for those who wish to sail farther, at a distance of 90 km there is the beautiful Island of Malta with its archipelago to wonder about the Islands' prehistory remains, go back over the footsteps of St Paul and find out where the Knights of St John defended Christendom.

This is only a page of your onboard diary, welcome on board soon with Sleep in Sicily.