New Online / Web-Based Sales Presentation for the Timeshare Industry

March 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
FlexPresentation allow consumers to view an Online Timeshare Sales Presentation from the comfort of their home or office, in place of attending an onsite traditional Timeshare Sales Presentation.

FlexPresentation established the first Online Vacation Ownership Sales Presentation in 2004 with a resort in North America and the Mediterranean. Prospects could go and view a web-based Online Timeshare Sales Presentation without the fear of being pressured during their decision making and/or buying process. FlexPresentation lets consumers participate in a full interactive Online Timeshare Sales Presentation very similar to a traditional one (in-person Sales Presentation). They can do anything, from choosing a vacation plan, to signing an agreement of ownership online and pay for it without ever meeting face-to-face with a Timeshare Sales Person.

While the traditional in-person Timeshare Sales Presentation is still popular, the focus of the FlexPresentation will be to appeal to those consumers who research Timeshare opportunities online, potential clients who may not be comfortable meeting with Sales Professionals in person at a resort or Sales Center; and to recapture the audience that may have been lost as a result of internet research done before or after the presentation with a Sales Professional at the resort or sales center."

FlexPresentation is intended to turn Information into Sales. Thanks to the internet and changing consumer trends, traditional Timeshare Sales Centers are simply becoming "Timeshare Information Centers" with potential sales being lost.

According to Mr. Compton VanSluytman Director of Operation of FlexPresentation - Division, the Internet is the number one source to assist in the buyer's decision making process and FlexPresentation Sales Solution is a means of expanding the industry to accommodate this trend.

Since industry professionals cannot change consumers' behavior, the industry must adapt to accommodate consumer trends. Nowadays, the in-person (traditional) Timeshare Sales Presentation is really conducted at the end of the sales process, not the beginning. By the time prospects visit the Sales Center or the resort, they have, in general, already researched the company, its reputation, the resale market, consumer reviews, the vacation products and more, online

Quoting Paul Chiu, partner in Accenture's Transportation & Travel Services practice "Consumers today go online to arrange travel the same way they do to bank, shop and chat with friends. The smartest companies in the travel industry will make meeting their customers' demands for online services a top priority not only to satisfy their guests but to help cut operating costs and improve efficiency."

The challenge facing Timeshare Developers today is to make sure that they continue to rebuild the trust in the industry's credibility that has been growing since the 1980's and sustain it online with the new internet savvy consumer.

Timeshare industry professionals are always looking for ways to improve results, provide a more positive overall image, lower sales and marketing costs, produce higher VPG (volume per guest) and enhance Developer profits. FlexPresentation Sales Solutions are very successful; and by using them, Developers will be able to lower their operating costs substantially, which will result in lower prices and more convenience for the consumer thereby creating a higher profit margin and increased sales.

Flex Presentation is ideal for any business in the Shared Ownership industry such as Resort/Hotel Developers, Sales Centers, Fractional, Timeshare, Aircraft Fractional, Condo Hotels, Vacation Clubs, Vacation Ownership, Golf Fractional, Cruise Shares, Private Residence Clubs, and Points Based Programs, wishing to increase their market share.

FlexPresentation is now available to the Timeshare business community.

Company author: FlexPresentation Team