Student Reading Assessments and Parent Seminars Provide Parents the Knowledge They Need To Help Their Children Succeed

March 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Natomas Tutoring and Homeschool Consulting was founded in August of 2004 by Angela Norton Tyler a former elementary school teacher who understands the struggles that parents face in helping their children to learn.

“There really is no guide book for parents, which means that they are never 100% certain that the decisions they make are the best ones,” remarked Angela Norton Tyler, owner of Natomas Tutoring and Homeschool Consulting. “In terms of learning, it is a struggle to know how hard to push a reluctant learner, to fit homework into an already jam-packed schedule, and to work with teachers and educators.”

"As our first teachers, parents can be our best teachers," continues Angela Norton Tyler. “Using our services, parents will finally have the opportunity to learn how to take a hands-on approach to their children's education.”

Natomas Tutoring's services are not only beneficial to parents with children in a traditional school setting, but they are also helpful to parents who have chosen to homeschool their children.

According to Ms Tyler, American families will spend more than $5 billion dollars this year on tutoring services for their children. In many cases, parents choose a tutoring service because their child has difficulty with reading.

Most children who have difficulty with reading do not have a reading disability; they need direct, tailored reading instructions and intensive review that most parents can provide as long as they have the knowledge of how their child learns best.

The knowledge parents need to help their child succeed can be obtained by Natomas Tutoring’s Student Reading Assessments and Parent Seminars.

"Angela was engaging, funny, and had great information." said Robin Hurwitz, of Burlingame, CA, a parent who has used Natomas Tutoring’s Parent Seminars services.

Educators agree that Natomas Tutoring’s Parent Seminars are an asset to students. "Angela's love of reading makes her an invaluable asset to our youth today!" said Sonjhia Lowery, Vice-Principal of John Reith elementary school in Elk Grove, CA.

Pricing and Availability
Student Reading Assessments are available now at a cost of $10.00. Once completed, parents are encouraged to participate in Natomas Tutoring Parent Seminars which cost $40.00.


About Natomas Tutoring and Homeschool Consulting

Natomas Tutoring and Homeschool Consulting, based in Sacramento CA is a provider of educational seminars for parents. Founded in 2004 by Angela Norton Tyler, an elementary school teacher who has a unique understanding of the difficulties parents face when helping with their child’s education, Natomas Tutoring and Homeschool Consulting provides parents with the knowledge they need to help
their children succeed.

Angela Norton Tyler is the author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success (ISBN: 0976955709) published in September of 2005. Tutor Your Child to Reading Success can be purchased by contacting Natomas Tutoring directly at (916) 806-9663 or visiting Tutor Your Child to Reading Success is also available at