Real Estate Agent Announces Web Site to Help Homeowners in Trouble and Buyers with Bad Credit

March 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Payallup, WA. — Real estate agent and investor, Jason Sant, has created a web site designed to help home owners who are behind on mortgage payments, as well as home buyers who need help because they are unable to meet the requirements of traditional mortgage loans.

"This is a difficult economy that usually requires two incomes just to get buy, and often that leads to financial difficulties. When people get so far behind on their mortgage that they do not have the resources to resolve things on their own, we can provide them with alternatives to avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, and further damage to their credit rating," explained Sant, a real estate agent with Keller Williams.

In addition to helping homeowners in financial difficulty, Sant helps people get a new home who could not otherwise do so.

"After a period of financial difficulty, people often find themselves with income, savings for a down payment, but poor credit because of their past. When they apply for a mortgage loan they are turned down. We are able to help people in that situation get a home they can afford and move in almost immediately," said Sant.

The non-traditional, and creative methods of buying real estate offered by Sant are explained on his new web site at The site provides information on how to stop foreclosure, how to rent to own, information for real estate investors, real estate seminars, and creative solutions for real estate problems.

"There are many peopl who know there is money to be made in real estate, but they just do not have the time to learn and then do all the work that is needed to succeed," explained Sant, a real estate agent with Keller Williams.

Business success comes through finding a need and filling it. Sant evaluated the real estate market and discovered that there are potential buyers who could not qualify for traditional financing. He also found that there are many potential investors who are intimidated by their lack of experience but know the rewards of real estate investing are high.

Sant designed a system that takes care of the needs of both, with all parties coming out a winner. This specialized service brings many benefits to investors.

"We obtain the property for our investor, and then do all the work of getting a qualified tenant through our lease to own program. The way we do this results in higher rents than traditional rentals, putting more money in the investor's pocket each month. It also brings a higher sales price for the home when the tenant is able to buy in the future, and because it is a lease option the tenant handles virtually all maintenance," said Sant.

His business model is not one-sided. Tenants and potential home buyers come out ahead as well.

"We regularly help people with poor credit find both the home they need and the credit repair assistance necessary to finance the purchase in the future. We have investors and a rent to own program, both of which can help you purchase a home and rebuild your credit. If someone can afford a house payment and has some money for a down payment, but just needs help qualifying for the mortgage, we can help. We have homes that are ready to move into through our lease to own program," said Sant.

Sant's company, American Home Buyers Network, LLC, has found success by catering to a niche market that others avoid. He brings all parties together and makes the process a simple one for them because he does all the work.

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