The Little Engine That Could

March 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With all the interest surrounding Google and Yahoo these days, smaller niche sites are getting a lot of attention.

Relative to colossal engines, smaller sites refine and improve searches while continuing to maintain the benefits of Google that internet surfers have become accustomed to. By querying the internal database for a specific group first, users can prioritize what turns up when doing a search.

These niche search engines offer what bigger ones cannot. The smaller the site, the easier it is to concentrate on the popularity of the imperative keywords. Most importantly, these smaller targeted sites work well at dominating specific markets. is one of the newer and exciting engines fitting this description for real estate, mortgage, securities, insurance and business brokers.

The site’s homepage is designed in a simple and easy to use layout where the user can type what he is looking for based on preference. A search occurs based on the pertinent details of the individual broker’s profile.

Since its inception in 2003 by the Better Brokers Council, also relies on a mission statement and honor code that helps ensure consumers are searching only the best and most reliable brokers “to help preserve the integrity of the brokerage industry.”

To attain membership, brokers must abide by the honor code “to strive for full moral stature and to realize their fiduciary responsibility to their clients.” This ensures that those searching for a broker will get a respectable, ethical agent who he can trust and rely upon for their business needs.

Essentially, the site allows users to narrow down the precise type of broker they are looking for and thus yield only the best results since each broker has promised to uphold the values of the site’s mission statement and honor code.

Brokers listed on the site upload a profile which states their area of expertise, where they are licensed, and how they can be contacted if one is interested in utilizing their services.

As continues to grow, it is offering an exciting opportunity for potential new members. The site will give the next 25,000 people who sign up free membership, waiving the modest $5.85 monthly membership fee to have their profile searchable.

With a 78% quarterly increase in membership, the industry at large has certainly picked up on the trend. Brokers around in the United States have saved the site as their homepage. This makes one of the most exciting and reliable search engines for people to use to help find a reliable broker without actually contacting them.