March 31, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
NEW YORK, NY – ARISING Group, Inc. has begun rigorous testing of the open source VoIP PBX, Asterisk. It is hoped that the new communication platform will provide a robust and low cost telephone solution for their international clients who need to stay connected with their traveling field representatives.

George Karshner, Director of Business Development at Arising Group said that what attracted them to Asterisk is the versatility and functionality of the program. “It appears that Asterisk can perform all of the functions of a premium office phone system like voicemail, conference bridging, call queuing, and call detail records, plus higher functions usually required by trading firms, like talk detection, call monitoring, and remote call pickup” Karshner said. “Its flexible feature set is very promising”, he added, “but we want to run a battery of situation tests before we deploy it”.

ARISING Group has several multinational clients who need to stay in touch with their workers in Europe and Asia. One China based client has reps in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. All of these people must communicate frequently from places where Internet service is more reliable than cell phone connections. They are also looking to cut down their international calling costs. With this new VOIP technology, all the inter-office phone bills will be one low, flat rate, Internet connection call.

“Another great thing about this software is that it should easily integrate with customer relations management systems (CRM) and can interoperate with almost all standards-based VOIP telephony equipment”, Chester Chee, Director of Software Development said. That can be very important in places where standards of protocol and hardware quality may vary widely.

As software developers themselves, the ARISING Group appreciates that Asterisk developers are continually improving the product. Committed and active developers mean fewer bugs and a more stable program.

Asterisk PBX is part of a larger package of web based business solutions ARISING Group is implementing for its clients. They are optimistic that it will perform one of the most vital business functions, reliable communications.

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