; a New way to bet on the Ups and Downs of the Real estate Market

March 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(London, UK) INREEX, which stands for International Real Estate Exchange. is a London based company formed by a group of IT Professionals and Foreign Currency Software Architects that has developed an exciting new way to speculate on Real Estate.
With INREEX investors and speculators have a platform to conduct real estate speculation that is convenient and similar to buying shares in their favorite company on a stock exchange. Each contract is quoted on the exchange in real time allowing for exciting movements that can be tracked and analyzed by investors.
The electronic exchange trades contracts of all 50 US States as well as USA contract reminiscent of a stock index. Each contract represents the average home price in that area. INREEX uses Official HPI data publis The contract prices are traded at 100th the price of the HPI encouraging liquidity. For Example the average median home in California is 615k based upon the most recent HPI data that means that the INREEX Contract CA should be trading at $6.15.
“Our Goal as a company is to efficiently create an online real estate speculation exchange. We feel that there has yet to be a major enhancement to the way real estate speculation is conducted and that it is time to commoditize this vast pool of equity. What we are trying to do is give every single retail investor an opportunity to go out and speculate in the real estate markets without actually having to buy physical property.” Said Paul Rozenberg, CEO of INREEX, Inc.

The INREEX exchange has the look and feel of a traditional stock exchange. Each contract has a bid, ask, volume, level 2, time and sales, and even charts that go back 30 years.

“One of the key reasons we are using the HPI data is that it has been published for nearly 30 years. This allowed us to create a database of charts that allow investors to apply the rules of technical analysis and get a better indication of how to trade that specific contract.”

The trading technology allows an investor to log in from anywhere in the world and buy, sell, or short the entire United States of America. INREEX offers its users free tools such as real-time quotes, advanced java charts, real-time order book, time and sales, watch lists, and a proprietary real time screening tool that allows an investor to easily identify trends in the marketplace.

“We want to make this system as close as possible to stock market trading allowing virtually any investor be it novice or professional to easily understand how to trade these contracts.”

Whether it be buying that second home for investment purposes or protecting homeowner wealth if property values decline, The INREEX tm presents a new and exciting opportunity for anyone that has an interest in real estate investing.

About INREEX, Inc.
The INREEX (Stock Symbol: IRXI) is a real estate prediction exchange that lets investors take advantage of the fluctuations in the real estate market, without having to buy real property. With INREEX investors can experience the same excitement and liquidity of the stock market, while securing the benefits of real estate investing. The exchange is powered by peer to peer technology allowing for transparent and efficient trading 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world. Ultimately the INREEX could protect homeowners from a potential housing decline or just allow for efficient real estate speculation without the need to buy or sell actual real estate.
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INREEX, Inc. is allowing investors to test out its system with virtual trading accounts. To open a free Virtual Trading Account and feel the excitement that has yet to be seen in the real estate markets.
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