Sleep in Sicily’s Syracuse-Cefalu` sailing itinerary

April 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
SLEEPINSICILY.COM is interested in developing a high service level of accommodation in Sicily and has at heart the promotion of Sicily’s outstanding beauty representing the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. Moreover, Sicily offers an abundant variety of anchorage from where unforgettable tours can be organised.

Life on board sailing eastward to the Sicilian coast will provide unforgettable experiences to the visitor since history, culture, tourism and nature are intertwined into the area identified in the Odyssey as the Cyclops Riviera. Moreover, the itinerary runs along the spectacular slopes of Mount Etna, European’s highest still active volcano of which ray of visibility is about 150 miles and finishes with the marvellous Aeolian archipalago.

This sailing tour can start form our Headquarters in the historical centre on the Island of Ortigia (Syracuse) or else from Catania a city representative of Sicilian Baroque architecture and Palaces (Palazzo Biscari) and a renowned Port. May we remind that depending on the availability, the night before embarkation and the night of disembarkation is discounted of 50% in our Headquarter in Syracuse and in our bed and breakfast franchising all over Sicily.

Sailing coastwise to the east, from Catania the tour continues along its province with its particular tourist attractions of Acitrezza (situated in front of the island of Lachea and is famous for the volcanic rocks in the sea called Faraglioni, and is also the birthplace of ice cream) together with Acireale (with its historical thermal baths and therapeutic waters of Santa Venera all surrounded by a suggestive landscape). The strategic position of Catania and its Province makes it easy to the tourist to reach other main towns like for example Ragusa, Noto, Modica and Scicli together with Piazza Armerina with its full calendar of events of which protagonist is the horse race ‘Palio dei Normanni’ celebrated from the 12th to 14th August to commemorate the entrance of Count Roger in the city. The Riviera along the spectacular slopes of Mt. Etna, leads to the gorgeous terrace over the sea, being, Taormina an outstanding international resort. Few kilometres away there are the picturesque Naxos Gardens (anchorage is permitted here) and for those who go mad about rapids and waterfalls, the nearby Alcantara Gorges is the right place. Leaving Taormina is heartbreaking however sailing coastwise will take you to equally fantastic places. Heading towards the Strait of Messina is a unique experience since it is linked to the legend of Scylla and Charybdis. Sailing farther, an ideal stop for port facilities would be that of Cape of Orlando to continue on sailing along the Tyrrhenian Coast with the marvellous Madonie Mountains as a backdrop, where one sets foot in the forge of a striking landscape leading to Cefalu` renowned for its Cathedral which is one of the greatest churches of Southern Europe. Cefalu`’s mountains are another point of interest. A pleasant climb offers a splendid panorama, reaching an ideal spot for enjoying an inspiring view form the Madonie to Mt.Etna. The natural beauty and the excellent climate of the mountains in this area, give a unique opportunity that is only possible here in Cefalu`. An extra bonus is the nearby seven sisters archipelago better known as Aeolian Islands (Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli and Panarea). Around 580BC, the Greeks colonized these islands and named them after the mythical figure of Aeolus. The islands of volcanic origins have deep caverns, steep cliffs, and magnificent views; Lipari is the biggest island of the archipelago.
This is only another page of your onboard diary, welcome on board soon with Sleep in Sicily.