New Multimedia Software for English Examinations

January 03, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Winterthur, Switzerland, 1.1.2005

Multimedia Software for English Language Learning

The language school wds in Winterthur, Switzerland has launched the PC program "Pass First Certificate', an educational program used as preparation for the most popular and most recognized English language examination "University of Cambridge First Certificate in English, which is taken by over 270,000 students of English each year.

The program, which runs on the Windows platform, consists of over 500 exercises in grammar and vocabulary. A built-in ‘grammar booklet' offers help and explanations at the click of a button. All parts of the examination are practiced realistically and 5 actual exams can be taken, the results of which are then evaluated. In addition, there is a dictionary of 5,000 recorded words, with explanations and translations currently in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek,

It Will Not Replace the Teacher

When asked if this program could replace standard teaching, the author William Dobbs replied that this would never be the case. "We see the program as the ideal complement to classroom teaching and learning. It can never replace the group dynamics and inter-personal contact found in the classroom. What is does, though, is provide learners with a multitude of additional practice materials. Our target users all have the same aim, to pass the First Certificate exam, and they usually know very well where their weaknesses lie. Often the teacher does not have enough time to concentrate on individual needs. The solution is Pass First. Users can look up any points they are not sure of , can do more exercises on various topics, they can refer to additional explanations, test themselves and generally gain a lot more confidence to tackle the forthcoming exam.'

Practical Help Without the Exam

The program can also be used advantageously by people not wishing to take the exam. For all those who just want to brush up their skills in English, Pass First is the ideal companion.

Swiss Made by a Brit, For the Whole World

The product was developed at the wds Language School in Winterthur, Switzerland. Together with a team of professional programmers, experienced language teachers and the award-winning design company Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering, the project lasted around 5 years. Project leader William Dobbs is delighted with the reactions already received, various language schools, companies and individuals have already placed orders for the product, based on pre-release versions. Pass First is the first wds software product to be developed for the general public. Previously, the company developed tailor-made language learning programs for organizations such as Swiss Telecom and the Swiss Post.

More Information

Further information and demo versions can be obtained from:

wds / pass-english-exams
PO Box 2217
CH-8401 Winterthur, Switzerland
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