Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty's Flat Fee MLS for $995 joins hands with Barter World to sell property with Barter Dollars for the first time in the history of the Toronto Real Estate Board.

April 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For the first time in the history of Toronto Real Estate Board a property has been sold not with conventional money but TradeBUX Tm (Barter dollars) from the Barterworld trade system. Barterworld offers an alternative to transacting in cash currency allowing both consumers and business to take advantage of buying and selling using trade without the need to transact using conventional money. Mark Pellicane the president of Barterworld commented "We are very pleased to be working with Coldwell Banker Trail Blazer Realty in addressing the needs of buyers and sellers in the Real Estate industry. These kinds of transactions will revolutionize the way business is done and will offer a tremendous cost savings to home buyers and sellers."

The property is located on McMorran Crescent in Thornhill and was listed and sold by Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers who have pioneered the $995 Flat Fee MLS / Hybrid MLS in Toronto on their popular websites "" & These sites draw up to 1.3 million hits per month and is an innovative service that is making it easier and more affordable for sellers to list and sell their properties. For buyers of real estate, Nawel has made a very special Mortgage website that allows buyers to perform literally thousands of permutations and combination within minutes by the use of Mortgage Calculator, to arrive at the most suitable mortgage that will not only be easy to carry but also save money in the process.

Rachel Levy the home owner remarked "It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers and the experience offered us a tremendous advantage over the usual commission setup. We saved most of the transaction fees using barter and the Flat Fee MLS services."

Flat Fee $995—gives Home Sellers, a Membership in the exclusive club for a year. For this low fee, sellers can list their property on MLS and upon a successful sale pay greatly reduced commissions as compared to 5 or 6% that is common in the industry. Membership in the exclusive club has its benefits. It would allow the seller to list any additional property on MLS, in the following 365 days, with a reduced Listing Fee of only $495 and 2.95% payable on closing. .

One of the main advantages of the Flat Fee MLS,/ Hybrid listing is the ability for a seller to accept an offer from a private buyer not introduced by a realtor eliminating the need for the seller to pay a broker representing the home buyer. There has been almost 100% success rate in selling properties under this package. Use of the service resulted in both lower selling expenses with the ability to net more on the sale of the property. Nawel K. Seth Broker/Owner remarks "While an average agent spends 80% of the time fishing for business and only 20 % of the time servicing it, our agents spend almost all the time in servicing the incoming business. This new approach has generated an incredible amount of interest in the community."

Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers were approached by CTV and CBC to do a story on their Flat Fee Hybrid MLS service, (Same MLS -Same Exposure but for Less) back in April 2005 "We were not ready to go to the media at the time however despite our lack of promotion the service has attracted a lot of attention from the public with increasing inquiries. Unfortunately the service has also attracted some controversy from some quarters of the industry that are reluctant to adopt technology and are concerned about the competition." says Vanita Seth from Trail Blazers. and Barterworld have expanded on their relationship to promote both the Flat Fee MLS listing services and the use of TradeBUX Tm as an alternate payment method for realty fees.

About Trail Blazers Realty

Trail Blazers Realty, located in Thornhill Ontario, is the developer of the / Flat Fee MLS home selling service. offers home sellers an alternative to high priced commission fees typical in real estate transactions. The innovative technology allows for home sellers to list their products with this service and receive the same exposure through the Toronto MLS real estate listing service. An additional advantage to the seller is the ability to sell the home privately, outside normal broker channels while receiving the exposure through MLS and the broker network.

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