Peruvian food.- novoandina cuisine

April 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Peruvian food is considered one of the most varied of the world. It can be said that it is the gastronomy of four continents in a single country where the variety of typical plates are in constant evolution; that is why the city of Lima has been declared “The gastronomic capital of America Latina”. Because of these it has already been placed among the most recognized of the world with the name of “Novoandina Cuisine”. This type of food is a new culinary style created in Peru by the interest of gourmets to rescue and revalue the native ingredients. Although the greater acceptance there are many discussions and critics since it´s considered that only the upper class of Lima can access the novoandina plates because there are exclusively served in high class restaurants.

Lima has become the centre of this fashion and this makes novoandina food to be well known by using native ingredients in modern preparations (for example the “Quinotto” that is Risotto with quinua) not only in Lima but in Andean tourist points such us Huaraz, Cusco or Huancayo. In addition it can also be said that the “novoandina cuisine” is not exclusively prepared with typical Andean ingredients but it’s also the rescue of some products of the coast and of the jungle mixed in a new peculiar and creative technique.

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