OmniMD Setting Standards in Medical Transcription

January 07, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
OmniMD transcription system dramatically improves the handling and quality of dictations, without the need of a physical transcribing machine. It ensures the avoidance of information loss due to misplaced or defective tapes. Once, doctors dictate and save the voice files on the PDA, the system captures the electronic dictation, routes it to the transcription service and attaches the transcribed reports to the patient EMR. Physicians have the flexibility to define templates based on which OmniMD would send the transcribed reports, request for corrections or edit the reports themselves. An easy to use search interface offers the benefit of searching and viewing transcribed reports online or via the PDA enabling universal instant accessibility. The system ensures overall time optimization in coordination between the clinic and the OmniMD transcription service.

On a more comprehensive basis, the medical transcription facility can be used along with other OmniMD solutions such as EMR, Appointment Scheduling etc. To add value for our customers, unlike many other EMR vendors, OmniMD inputs all transcriptions, both old and new, into its ASP (Internet-based) EMR system for you.

OmniMD works as a complete solution provider by offering an efficient range of services, which add value to the practice in its entirety. The state-of-the-art set up in India acts as the backbone to laying benchmarks in providing quality and record turnaround time in our service provisions. OmniMD strives to work towards offering a complete solution to a clinic, with its powerful combination of products and services. Our services offer a number of factors that make us the right choice as your preferred medical transcription provider:

Quick Turnaround Time
The services maintain an average TAT of 12 hrs from receiving the voice files. Depending on the client requirements the system provided the facility of having turn around time as less as 4 hours.

Ease of Use
The OmniMD transcription workflow management system has been designed as intuitive and easy to use. With this simplicity in design, an average of one hour is enough for a user to learn and independently start managing the system.

Complete Security and Integrity
OmniMD safeguards client data and information with HIPAA complaint communication protocols, 128-bit encryption and public key authentication. As per the HIPAA norms of strong grade encryption and authentication, OmniMD meets all the regulatory requirements enabling security and confidentiality.

Client Confidentiality
OmniMD maintains client confidentiality contracts wherein all patient data, medical reports, physician lists are guarded as the sole proprietary records of the client and cannot be divulged or duplicated.

Quality Standards
OmniMD strives to maintain the highest quality norms with an objective of exceeding customer expectations. OmniMD guarantees 98.5% quality assurance standards to the client.

Optimal Pricing
OmniMD charges based on the numbers of characters instead of line counts hence charging fair rates as per the actual number of characters in the transcribed report.

About OmniMD
OmniMD is a developer of HIPAA compliant ASP (Internet-based) Medical Facility Management solutions, designed to fully automate the workings of contemporary healthcare organizations. A division of Integrated Systems Management, Inc. (ISM), a leader in Internet consulting and e-business development since 1989, OmniMD has successfully positioned the company as a significant force in the health information technology field, rapidly securing a base of clients that has continued to grow exponentially since the division's formation half a decade ago.

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