Coastal Vacation Club and Jeff Mills Reach 2 Year Milestone, Almost 3/4's of a Million in Profit.

April 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
April 21, 2006 - Cottage Grove, MN - Jeff Mills who has been marketing online with Coastal Vacations Club for the last two years, recently hit his two year birthday with Coastal. Coastal Vacation Club.

"When I first started, I knew I would be successful. I purposed in my mind that I would be one of the top recruiters and also one of the top trainers to help people make money with their Coastal Vacations business. Failure never entered my mind, success was all I dreamed about," said Mills

Two years later, and selling well over a Million dollars worth of Coastal Vacation Travel Club memberships, Jeff has exceeded his goals by a long shot.

Jeff remembers… "I remember my first summer marketing, I earned over $39,000 in just June, July and August! It was amazing, but the following summer I made $44,000, $65,000 and over $106,000 in June, July and August of 2005 and I was shocked, as I was making more money in one month than some people make in 2-3 years working 50-60 hour work weeks and two weeks off for good behavior and vacation."

Jeff Mills has become a famous marketing icon because he did it all over the internet, without buying leads, cold calling, warm market, or any really tradition direct sales tricks. All he did was use the power of the search engines to drive traffic to his site to create leads. Jeff Mills' Coastal Vacation Club.

He devised a website system that would robotically and elegantly educate his prospects and allow them to get information not presently available on any other Coastal Vacations site.

Mills also used very clever follow up autoresponder techniques, that allowed prospects and leads to be continually educated about the insights of Coastal, by sending them updates to their email addresses, every couple of days.

This allowed many people to be attracted to working with Jeff Mills.

"They would pick up the phone and call me without ever speaking to me, and be ready to hand over their credit card and get started, I was blown away, this is a great business and it has completely changed my life," stated Mills.

Jeff has done many renovations and upgrades to his home in Cottage Grove and been to wild and exotic places all over the world, all because of Coastal Vacations. He has earned well over $700,000 in sales in only two years, and looks forward to hitting the million dollar earnings mark sometime by mid summer 2006.

Coastal Vacations helps people save up to 75% off all their vacations for life and is especially useful for grabbing weeklong condo stays for $350-$600 per week where as normally, the general public would pay $1500-3000 for similar stays in deluxe or luxury resorts around the world.

The travel industry continues to boom and is expected to reach 14 Trillion dollars annual income by the end of the decade as more and more baby boomers who are wealthy seek to retire, travel and relax in beautiful places.

Jeff is helping those who want to save money on travel also make a fortune by teaching and mentoring people on how to run their own successful internet travel club business.

"Coastal's product has proven true with over 36 vendors and 11 years in the business. We have longevity, which most companies do not have. We have systems that are duplicatable, and we have a call center that closes the sales for us now, that only people in my team can use."

This call center was begun in February, 2005 and it has brought in over 1000 members its first year. Many of those 1000 members belong to Jeff Mills' team too.

The Coastal Vacations Call Center takes the calls, presents the business and then follows up with the leads until they close the sales, and then they do something remarkable.Coastal Vacation Club Call Center.

They send out the travel memberships to the new members and also they pay commissions to the new members who made a sale.

Members can make $1000, $3000 or $6500 on every sale. But there is a cost to get started, which can be $1995, $4995, or $11,000, depending on how much people want to save on travel, or make in commissions.

For more information on how to make $1000 per sale plus you if you would like to learn how to make money without having to do any closing, or asking for money, then please visit Jeff's website, get in his emailing list and let him show you how he does his work, becauase he will teach you many systems and ways for generating wealth online.

Coastal Vacations Club.

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Jeff Mills
7393 Isleton Ave S
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For Sales info, call
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