April 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Indianapolis, IN – April 22, 2006 – Indianapolis Realtor® Stacie Kidwell, formerly of ReMax Preferred, opens Home Free Realty, LLC, a professional, independent real estate company which seeks to meet the real estate needs of all segments of Central Indiana's communities by attracting sales professionals who share the language, culture and/or customs of those communities and are, therefore, in a better position to assess and meet their needs.

Ms. Kidwell has been in the real estate field for the past two and a half years and real estate has become one of the three passions in her life. The other two are her young son, Wesley; and singing (under her stage name, Stacie Sandoval) with her local salsa band, Orquesta Bravo! She loves helping people find or sell their homes. She gets great satisfaction in giving them the tools and information they need to make informed decisions. ‘Many people don’t know that the service of a real estate agent is free to the buyer, even if you are interested in new construction, and I like being able to educate people that way,’ says Ms. Kidwell. Ms. Kidwell also holds an insurance license and this helps her give her clients a little extra in her services to them.

Formerly in the legal field, Ms. Kidwell got involved in the real estate arena through her sister, Liana Paredes-Newman, who was the real estate ‘pioneer’ of the family. Ms. Kidwell was then joined by her other sister, Ms. Karina Skinner, also formerly with ReMax Preferred, and now with Home Free Realty, LLC. Ms. Kidwell and Ms. Skinner found that working as a team doubles their production and increases the level of their service. Ms. Paredes-Newman now resides in California and the sisters still collaborate on real estate transactions.

Ms. Kidwell and Ms. Skinner are fully bilingual in Spanish and have found their knowledge of the language and the culture (their parents are Cuban-Argentinean and Cuban-Ecuadorian) a great asset in attracting and servicing Hispanic clients, in addition to their English-speaking client base. It is also a plus when their English-speaking clients want to reach out to the Hispanic market. ‘It’s a total win-win situation,’ says Ms. Kidwell. She adds, ‘Seeing how appreciative our Hispanic clients are that we can explain things in their language and from their cultural vantage point, made me realize that other communities may be underserved if their agents do not have the requisite qualifications. Thus, the mission of Home Free Realty, LLC. — finding the right agent to serve the client.’

Home Free Realty, LLC has also come up with a fee structure that allows the company to cover its expenses, but leaves most of the commission where it rightfully should be - with the agent generating it. The combination of professional, qualified and happy agents can only translate into added value to the client.

Home Free Realty, LLC is located at 8740 Allison Pointe Boulevard, Suite, 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250. They can be reached at (317) 436-4004 or through their website at

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