Exceeding Expectations in Airport Parking – Help-Me-Park.Com deliver extraordinary customer service according to their latest survey.

April 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Wouldn’t it be nice to drive to the airport and leave your car right outside the terminal secure in the knowledge that it would be right where you left it when you got back?

According to the latest customer survey carried out by Help-Me-Park.Com so did their customers. Help-Me-Park.Com has taken their customers by storm because according to respondents to the latest customer survey an amazing 100% of customers felt that their expectations had been exceeded and 43% of them felt they had been exceeded by a long way.

Help-Me-Park.Com started offering a meet and greet airport parking service at Gatwick Airport a year ago. In that time they have parked cars for the many hundreds of customers who have chosen the most convenient airport parking service available.

Just imagine. Drive to Gatwick Airport to start your holiday and you are met right out side the terminal doors by a valet parker who is waiting just for you. They already have a baggage trolley, are smart, polite and then drive your car straight to secure parking for you. All you have to do is check in. When you return your car is waiting for you where you left it right outside the terminal.

Providing this level of service requires a high level of commitment and regular dialogue with the customer covering every aspect of the service from booking to the return of the car. The Help-Me-Park directors Barry Babister and Sean McCarthy felt that at no point in the order cycle should the customer feel they did not have the full attention of Help-Me-Park. Even the customer survey counts as after sales service and allows the customer the chance to give feedback on any aspect of the service.

Customers were also asked to rate aspects of the Help-Me-Park service either fantastic, good, poor or rubbish. 65% of respondents thought the telephone booking system fantastic while the other 35% felt it was good. The online booking did not fare quite so well but nevertheless achieved a strong 45% fantastic and 55% good. Averaged out over the different aspects of the actual meet and greet service 55% of customers thought it was fantastic and 37% thought it was merely good.

What is the secret of this success? “Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Business is won on promises kept not promises made” said Sean McCarthy the Marketing Director. “Also, ask the customer what they want, listen to the answers and make changes based on this feedback. At the end of the day the customer is king. I know that the only way to drive our company forward is to give the customer exactly what they want.”

Future success will depend on building the Help-Me-Park company around the customer. To this end and following the feedback from the latest survey some exciting new developments to the meet and greet service are planned. “We’ve had some great feedback from our customers and plan to offer an MOT test while the customers are away, along with a car cleaning and full valeting service” commented Barry Babister the Managing Director.

An announcement regarding these services is expected soon and if www.Help-Me-Park.Com can replicate the current success they are enjoying in keeping their meet and greet parking customers happy there is going to be some exceedingly satisfied travellers at Gatwick Airport.