AudioVisual Electronic Flyers Combine With Podcasting to Help Real Estate Agents Stand Out

April 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Orlando, FL — Rede Technologies, LLC today announced it’s all-in-one solution for marketing today’s real estate listings: the Redecast, a combination of video or still pictures coupled with professional voiceover, and it’s companion marketing website,

The Redecast combines a slideshow presentation with voiceover narration describing in detail an available home listing.

“Unlike most virtual tours that are available for real estate agents, our Redecasts are unique in the fact that not only are they narrated by our in-house voiceover actors, but are also completely portable,” said Rede Technologies, LLC CEO Caroline Trude-Rede.

With over seventy-five percent of all homes searches now stemming from the internet, aims to capture the attention of today’s tech-savvy home buyers.

“Today’s average homebuyer barely has enough time to check their e-mail on a daily basis, let alone go the old-fashioned route of spending a full day or two looking at several homes that may or may not meet their criteria. Today’s homebuyer is more likely wanting to be a bigger part of the decision as to which homes they would like to see, rather than leave it all up to their agent. By putting a Redecast on the screen of a potential homebuyer, an agent has a better chance of getting that potential home purchaser to actually purchase that home,” says Trude-Rede.

Utilizing technologies that have recently become available thanks to the podcasting revolution, Rede Technologies, LLC makes their Redecasts available in several video formats to assure that almost any computer in the world can view a Redecast.

By creating a Redecast in Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime and Flash formats, not only can a Redecast be viewed on a computer, but on portable media devices such as an Apple iPod, a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), or even a video-enabled phone.

“It’s true, there are some software packages out there that help agents create slideshow presentations,” says Rede Technologies, LLC President Juan-Carlos Rede. “However, the agent must do all the work themselves to create the presentation. Secondly, unless that real estate agent is a professional voiceover actor, there will probably be no voiceover narration describing the house listed. And thirdly, by using a do-it-yourself software solution, it’s not possible to create their presentation in the four major formats used for quick downloading and portability. We have the edge that agents are looking for.”

“All we need from an agent is no more than they would normally use for marketing: photos or video of the home itself, the Broker-MLS synopsis, and a brief description of the listing. We take it from there and make technically-challenged agents look like cutting edge agents.”

Redecasts are marketed in several online locations including, Google video and the company’s own website. For additional information on Redecasts please visit or call (321) 441-6513.

About Rede Technologies, LLC
Rede Technologies, LLC was formed in November of 2005 with the aim of utilizing the latest technologies to deliver pertinent information to a variety of end users. Beginning with the launch of and accompanying Redecast audiovisual presentations, Rede Technologies, LLC is poised to be a leader in easily accessible information to a tech-savvy world.

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