India property sale

April 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the rise of a burgeoning middle class, Indian property sale is experiencing an upward swing. The increasing demand for commercial and as well as residential properties has given a new dimension to Indian property sale. Buying and selling of properties has never been the same. The changing trend regarding Indian property sale is quite ostensible.
The introduction of various portals dedicated solely to property has in a way has revolutionized the way of people buy and sell properties. It has made the job easy for both the customer and dealers. The dealers advertise their properties in the portals and the customer giving the buyers access them on these portals. These properties are clubbed into different categories on the basis of their location, size, price, and type.
One can also search the properties in India for sale from either the broker or builder or both. The option is wide open. These portals also give information on latest property trend in the country. The best part is that they provide graphics of properties so that the surfers not only read the details, but also can view the properties. Some of them even provide property videos. Another trend in Indian property sale has been the emergence financers. Many banks like ICICI, Citi Bank, HDFC etc. are more than eager to provide home loans. Not to be left behind, the state owned SBI has also joined the race. These banks are a regular feature when one visits the Indian property sites.
The emergence of publications, print and online, dedicated to property can also be viewed as a trend in Indian property sale. Realty Plus is one such publication. This publication has a comprehensive look with latest news, features, reviews, trend and expert views and interviews related to the Indian real estate sector. This monthly magazine not only informs, but also educates every segments of the real estate industry, starting from the developers to the consumers. One can also visit its online edition at
Yet another trend in Indian property sale is the exhibitions and showcasing of property abroad. Of late there has been a conscious effort to woo the NRIs. In such exhibitions leading Indian real estate companies showcase a range of residential and commercial properties. Developed sites for NRI homebuyers with investment opportunities are being displayed for those investors interested in investing in Indian real estate sector.