Pra Ajarn Poh ?The Essence of Buddhist Meditation?

May 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
A recently opened Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, centered around a cave temple that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat, Kamalaya translates from Sanskrit as ?Lotus Realm?, an ancient symbol of the harmonious unfolding of the human spirit.

Pra Ajarn Poh will speak on the legacy of the meditation masters who previously resided in the cave at Kamalaya and will teach on the heart essence of the Buddhist path to enlightenment while introducing the techniques of ?tranquility? (shamata) and ?insight? (vipassana) meditation, as taught 2,500 years ago by Sakyamuni Buddha.

Following his teachings, Pra Ajarn Poh will remain in residence at Kamalaya and offer
personal meditation instruction at the cave at the entrance to Kamalaya?s Wellness Sanctuary.

From January 14, Pra Ajarn Poh will conduct a five-day meditation retreat for those interested at his newly founded meditation center Theepapawan, ?Hermitage for the Development of Light?, less than a fifteen minute drive from Kamalaya in the hills above the village of Hua Thanon.

Neil Taylor, Kamalaya?s General Manager, says; ?We are truly honored to welcome Pra Ajarn Poh, and we are excited to learn more about the monks who resided in the cave at Kamalaya.?

Unfolding amidst lush tropical vegetation and cascading streams, Kamalaya is a place where timeless traditions can evolve and flourish and where new beginnings are easily conceived. Kamalaya offers a comprehensive approach to personal fulfillment and wellbeing through diverse traditions of healing, spirituality, community, lifestyle, healthful cuisine, and the arts.

Participants in Pra Ajarn Poh?s teachings may enjoy exceptional cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Kamalaya?s Soma restaurant with magnificent sunset views over the sea and outlying islands.

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