May 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Foreign investment is not big news to Arabic countries, but never before have we witnessed such a dramatic interest in the Arab world for real estate investment. It is reassuring to see that already in many Arab countries tourism figures are soaring, while in Sharjah, UAE, hotel revenues have increased by a staggering 25% since 2004.

Government officials at a meeting of the Union of Arab Banks in Casablanca last week confirmed that along with tourism, foreign investment is set to increase significantly in the next three years, due to increased potential for trade as well as investment in the Moroccan travel and tourism industry.

In Morocco doors are definitely opening to external investors. is confident in the great potential return on investment this market will offer to our clients, while the six new developments currently in progress are just the beginning of an unprecedented influx of tourism. (

All indications show that this is a ripe time for investment while the evidence is plain to see:

Large scale construction work is already crunching into the land, creating 6 emblematic luxury golf resorts of outstanding beauty all over Morocco, whilst measures are in place to maintain the natural beauty of their environments.

The Moroccan government currently invests heavily in improving its economic sectors, including the infrastructure, telecommunications, electricity, banks, insurance, education, health services and maintaining them to the world-class standards expected from todays foreign investors.

There has already been substantial reform within the legal framework, tax laws have been revised and generous fiscal incentives are available to invite external investors.

A fascinating cultural heritage and distinctive natural beauty, from rocky coast to snow-capped mountains, as well as a climate conducive to year-round outdoor living all make Morocco a highly desirable holiday destination.

Not to be forgotten is the projected plan to build a road link across the Straits of Gibraltar, enabling 10-15 million passengers to cross the bridge annually, along with 5 million tons of freight. Should this ambitious project go ahead, this would further unite Morocco with the European Union. is currently offering some excellent investment options in emerging markets, including the Arab world. While the Moroccan market is in its infancy, off-plan investment is highly recommended at todays prices, while the tourist economy steadily matures, along with its property prices. will gladly share its vast experience with investors, as well as give advice and information on all up-and-coming projects.

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