Higher Education Organization Makes University and College Degree Search Easier by Having the Schools Search for the Students

May 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Is there anything more annoying than the university and college degree search? You have to decide how far away from home you want to live, how much you’re willing to spend, which school will give you the most financial aid, which school has your major, what your major should even be and so much more.

StudentProspector (http://www.studentprospector.com), a service of the leading online provider of higher education information, is trying to make the university and college degree search process easier by having universities and colleges search for you. All you have to do is become a Featured Student on the website.

How does one do that? Simple – by asking.

Every service StudentProspector offers students is completely free, and as long as you have a profile, becoming a Featured Student involves nothing more then e-mailing FeatureMe@StudentProspector.com and saying you want to be a Featured Student. Then, the staff at StudentProspector will contact you and ask you questions about your hobbies, your experiences and other elements of who you are that they think will interest higher education institutions.

Next, you become featured on the StudentProspector website as the student of the month, and schools that are looking to fill particular slots will see your profile and potentially try to recruit you.

Mark Shay, president and CEO of the company behind StudentProspector, says, “This tool eases the university and college degree search, because it makes the schools do all the work. You can focus your energy on using your computer to download music, update a blog or check e-mail instead of surfing through college sites and filling out countless applications.”

Shay goes on to warn prospective students that StudentProspector’s tool does not take the place of a full university and college degree search. “Becoming a Featured Student can make it easier to find a school, but you still need to conduct research on which institute of higher education would be most appropriate for you. StudentProspector also offers advice on choosing the right school as well as how to apply. Yes, the process is annoying, but it’s essential. This is, after all, the rest of your life.”

For college advice, go to http://www.studentprospector.com/CollegePlanning.html. If you would like to be a StudentProspector Featured Student and ease the university and college degree search process by having schools come looking for you, send an e-mail to FeatureMe@StudentProspector.com.


StudentProspector is the next evolution in student recruitment. It is an innovative marketing tool allowing undergraduate, graduate, continuing education and study abroad administrators to pro-actively search through a database of student profiles. Administrators then use these profiles to find students who meet their criteria, forming a perfect marriage between student and school. StudentProspector is a service of Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU), a leading Internet company serving higher education. Based in suburban Philadelphia, EDU's steady growth since its inception in 1989 has led to its inclusion in the Philadelphia 100, Inc. Magazine/ICIC Inner City 100 and Inc. 500 lists of fast growing businesses.