It’s official – Timeshare Staff Ltd have selected multi-award winning media company Group Impact to produce their new Recruitment DVD.

May 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
The new innovative recruitment tool which will be launched at the OTE Forum in Cannes this November has received great interest by many of the leading companies in the timeshare industry and commended as a much needed step forward in the field of timeshare recruitment and the retention of staff.

Timeshare Staff Ltd, who offer recruitment solutions to more than 257 resorts around the globe and generate over 10,000 job applications for positions in timeshare each month confirmed this week that their plans to add a new recruitment tool to their arsenal, a Recruitment DVD will go ahead on schedule and will be produced by Group Impact.

This DVD will promote a fresh look at a career in timeshare, complete with on location testimonials from existing sales and marketing staff, examples of the resorts and environments that they work in, interviews with key VIPís from the industry, descriptions of the most popular positions available such as sales reps, OPCís etc and also testimonials from existing owners showing the potential applicant the end result of their involvement. Other features will include facts and figures from the industry, frequently asked questions, typical earning potential and so on.

The DVD will consist of a generic film suitable for all companies Ė but the Title Sequence, End Credits, DVD Label and Menu will all be customizable to enable individualistic branding for each company. Timeshare Staff Ltd believes this unique credibility tool will significantly increase the conversation rate of applicants to employees for any HR department, but especially in conjunction with advertising on their website(s).

A Special Edition of this DVD is being made for the launch at the OTE Forum in November and will be attached to the front cover of the Timeshare Staff Magazine, as well as being available for download with the online version. Current print and online subscriptions exceed 24,000. If you have not yet subscribed for your free copy you can do so at

The Special Edition DVD has many advertising and sponsorship opportunities for timeshare companies, resorts and products and services providers.
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