New Coastal Vacations Info Line Answers Questions Night And Day

May 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
With members in over 70 countries, it has been a challenge to deliver information to potential members in a timely manner. The largest and fastest growing group in the top rated Coastal Vacations home based business now has a 24 hour information line up and running as they continue the upgrade and improvement program they announced earlier this year. Members and guests can now access this life changing information at (212) 461-8974 and learn more about this record setting home based business opportunity at .

California based Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Dean Marino was ecstatic about the new tool; "Our group is all about helping those who would otherwise fail in business, see profits, and helping those who may have had some success, maximize their results. This new 24 hour info line, along with our state of the art website system, will allow those who are too stressed out with their long work hours to get the information that can help them dig out of their ruts."

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center provides live Q&A conference calls to give the public access to the Coastal Vacations news they need and desire. The calls are offered Monday through Thursday at 9PM EDT at (212) 461-5800 (PIN 4433#) and are the preferred method for guests to learn more, because they can get their questions answered on the interactive calls. The recorded information line is seen as a way to get the information to many who work such long hard hours at a job that they are sound asleep or working at the time the live call is available.

Questions answered on the new info line include:

(1) What is Coastal Vacations?

(2) Are the travel products any good?

(3) How do I know which Coastal Vacations business model is best for me?

(4) Are some business models more successful than others?

(5) Can I sell the vacation packages without the business opportunity?

(6) How much time will it take to operate a successful Coastal Vacations business?

(7) Are any special skills required to start a Coastal Vacations business?

(8) What are the costs of starting and operating a Coastal Vacations business?

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino urges those who are serious about earning money with top rated home based business to take the time and get all their questions answered. Marino feels that the 24 hour info line will make it easier for potential members to check it all out for themselves. On the web, more information can be found at .