November Brings Largest Great White Sharks to Mexico

May 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
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Patric Douglas

November Brings Largest Great White Sharks to Mexico - Eighteen Foot Long
Sharks Biggest Draw for Divers, According to Shark Diver

San Francisco, CA - May, 2006 - November usually brings to mind visions
of Thanksgiving, voting ballots and recovering from Halloween candy. However
in the world of Great White sharks, November is their Spring Break. Isla
Guadalupe, 210 miles off the coast of Mexico, has become the worldwide
recognized dive destination for an unprecedented number of Great White
sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) and exceptional opportunities for divers
seeking encounters with these misunderstood denizens of the deep.

After four years of solid operations at the Isla Guadalupe dive site, the
Shark Diver team, lead by dedicated shark specialists in conjunction with
U.C Davis and CICIMAR's research teams, have noted several unique seasonal
shark patterns.

"Something exciting always happens in November," notes eco-adventurer and
Shark Diver CEO Patric Douglas. "For the past several years we see many
juvenile and mid-sized animals from September through late October. But when
the seasonal temperature shifts, the real giants appear!"

The giants in question are massive female Great White sharks that appear in
large numbers later in the shark season. In early November when water
temperatures dip several degrees lower, larger breeding-aged female Great
White sharks stalk the waters at Isla Guadalupe looking for something the
Shark Diver research team is trying to discover.

"We have data showing these sharks actively stalking the small Guadalupe Fur
Seals (pups and adults) early in the shark season," says Douglas. "By
November these pups are quite big and begin to play offshore, which is the
equivalent of ringing the dinner bell for females who need to consume mass
quantities of food to fuel up for the winter and for breeding season."

There are few places in the world that feature consistent sightings and
interactions with Great White sharks as Isla Guadalupe. Douglas speculates
that divers' best chance for seeing sharks as long as 18 feet (or more) is
in November. As he and his team have discovered with past Great White shark
diving off the coast of California in Ano Nuevo and off the Oregon
coastline, sharks of that size don't just wander around aimlessly - they are
destination animals, just like any migratory species.

To see Great White Sharks in action in November, call Shark Diver at
888.405.3268 or visit to book your trip today.

About Shark Diver

Since 2002, Shark Diver has introduced divers of all ages to the
extraordinary world of cage diving with Great White Sharks. In the last few
years, Shark Diver has expanded to offer cage diving trips with Tiger Sharks
in the Bahamas, Giant Squid encounters, Whales Sharks in Honduras, as well
as deep-dive submarine trips to see Giant Sharks in Roatan. CEO Patric
Douglas is a natural born eco-adventurer, who started his career in the U.S.
Virgin Islands in hotel tourism, spent two years as a tour guide in Vietman,
Bali, Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America, served as an
outdoor reporter for CBS in San Francisco, and founded an outdoor adventure
club called "Absolute Adventures" which continues to thrive in San Francisco
today. For the past several years, Douglas has dedicated his life to
providing educational and interactive experiences for clients through shark
diving. In addition, Shark Diver is partially funding efforts to preserve
the habitat and safely study the Great White shark species at Isla
Guadalupe. For more information on Shark Diver and Patric Douglas, visit

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